Bronchiolitis – and the Purposes of God

My younger son Jonathan has a touch of bronchiolitis… and watching him take his medicine today made me think how the things God allows in our lives may be uncomfortable, but make us better in the end.

Jonathan woke up this morning all smiles and cooing; he even took his medicine well – drinking it down as though it was juice. When it started to work, however, and it started to draw up the mucus from his system, he was most uncomfortable – his nostrils were blocked up, he was fretting and flinging his body from side to side, while his mother and I tried to console him and get him to eat.

He’s asleep now, after having cereal and a full 6 oz of formula. It really made me think of what my wife received from the Lord after attending a session for women at her church. She was saying that someone had prophesied that the Lord was saying that his church doesn’t give him the glory when we try to come out of the fire before we are fully refined. We try to get out of the situations in our lives because they are uncomfortable, but that he is really trying to refine us and get the best out of us.

Psa 66:10 : For you, O God, tested us; you purified us like refined silver.
Mal 3:2 :Who can endure the day of his coming? Who can keep standing when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire, like a launderer’s soap.

“Refiner’s fire” speaks to the process of refining metal, where the metal was melted and the impurities rise to the top and are removed. This is the process God is doing with us in the majority of cases when we get into uncomfortable situations. Let us give God the glory and stay in the fire – even if it’s uncomfortable


Time: The Key to Relationship Building

In an earlier post, I spoke about obedience to God’s calling whenever he wanted me to spend time with him. (Click here for the link to my earlier post.)

The issue is, TIME is the key to relationship building. If you don’t invest time in a relationship, the long and short of it is that relationship will die for lack of nurture. Seeking God, like any other relationship, uses time as a unit of measure. I am convinced that we need to invest time, and lots of it, to see ourselves grow in the knowledge of God.

So, to those looking for the KEY (you know who you are!) …. it is TIME. Making time for the one you love and seeking after that time with passion – even guarding that time jealously from as much interruptions as you can.

And for those of you who have been neglecting your relationships – not just the one with the Lord, but with others around you as well – salvage them by dedicating time to them.

Find a balance – don’t give more time to one because it is weak and ignore the seemingly stronger ones; those that look stronger will crumble very fast.

Risk – the Precursor to a Life of Power

I’ve just started to have separate conversations with two dear friends of mine on MSN (thank God for technology!) and I started to prophesy to them both… I feel as though God is calling us to risk for him. As I told one of them

God wants the prophetic to take a greater hold on our evangelistic efforts… he wants us to press into him and then RISK for him.
Then we will see prophecies fulfilled… then we will see miracles… THEN and only then can we see the power of God… because the angels cannot act on a non-existent word.

I’m really sensing this at the moment… we stifle the working of the Holy Spirit because of fear of man… we are so afraid of getting it wrong and appearing “foolish” in man’s eyes that we don’t do anything at all – and the “angels cannot act on a non-existent word.” If we don’t speak, if we don’t activate our faith by action, the spiritual realm cannot act upon it.

I’ve been hearing a lot about that recently – acting in faith and seeing God meet that faith with miracles, healings, etc. I’ve been soaking in teaching from Bill Johnson (; that encourages me in this risk taking. And on my first real trial – I see someone come to Christ… without argument, without me trying to convince her about the truth of the Scripture, nothing that would normally happen if I was trying to engage her at the level of her intellect. But God bypassed that and spoke situations about her that only she knew between us…. and afterwards, I said , “What you just experienced is called prophecy, and God did it to show you that he’s real and that he loves you. I’m not pressuring you, but would you want to give your life to him?” She said yes, and I led her in a prayer of salvation.

So, I’m encouraged to try it again hehehe…..I am more encouraged to risk again.

What happens if I get it wrong???

Well – that hasn’t happened yet, so when it does I’ll let you know.

No, seriously, I am aware that I may hear wrong or interpret wrong. I know that I can get it wrong – so if I do, I first won’t beat myself up about it. I secondly will make sure I explain to the person I’m speaking to that although I may have made a mistake, it doesn’t negate Jesus’ love for them.

And I won’t give up. I’ll be continuously pressing in and saying, “I didn’t hear right that time. I want to get closer to u so that won’t happen again the next time.”

So – let’s risk it for Jesus… the world is groaning until the sons of God are revealed!

Radical Obedience – Seeking after God

On Lambert’s advice, I’m going to immediately blog about what we’re talking about.

He said that he wants a deeper experience with God – no more religion, just experience and presence.  I encouraged him prophetically that that’s what God wants for him, too…  and I just started to tell him what I’ve been doing to help my own intimacy with God.

Here’s the relevant piece of that conversation:

I’ve been locking myself away (figuratively speaking, I usu do God time when the rest are asleep)….
actually, I just respond when I feel the urge to spend time with God
and I don’t have any agenda
I don’t ask for anything really
I just worship
and tell him how much he means to me
and how much I desire to be with him
not for power’s sake, but for relationship’s sake
and when the power comes, when the presence comes
I don’t even stop
I just keep pushing and saying  God… I love  u
I adore u
I talk, and then I listen
and I respond to what I hear
so we’re really having conversation… which in the natural breeds relationship
between two ppl
so what about a spiritual relationship between me and God?

There it is.  I seek to have a real conversation with God – I want to be with him like I want to be with my wife when I haven’t seen her for a while.  I remember when she went to missions in Antigua and left me home for a couple of weeks…or even before that, when she went to Trinidad for about a month a couple years ago.  I was longing for her so bad – her touch, her voice, anything – that it was like a desperation had built up. I was so tied up!  I wrote her a poem expressing how I felt, called “I Need You” and sent it via email.  As soon as she got the email, she called me from Trinidad.

It’s like that with me and God.  Whenever he calls me, I’m ready to drop everything. But it wasn’t always like that. There were times when he called and I was like, “I’m too tired.” or “Lord, let me just … <wash the dishes, finish this show… whatever>”  I felt this urge to spend time with God, but I put things in the middle, things that were ‘more important’.

So of course, he took the hint.  God doesn’t force himself on anyone.

Thank God that I have been delivered from that idolatrous spirit! I now try to make sure that I spend time with him and I always sacrifice to follow him when he calls.  I’m convinced that this  willingness to follow him wherever he leads can be contributed to this surge of intimacy I feel with him.  Be encouraged to do the same!

Welcome – and a new Kingdom child….

I have decided to try my hand again at this blogging thing 😉 I know that people have said that my prophetic gift is strongest when I write (type, really), so I’ve decided to make it official… I’m going to document my walk with the Lord and celebrate all the things he is doing in my life.

Things have been extremely exciting for me, so I really have no excuse not to share God’s dealings with me with the wider public….. so I’m going to try to keep these posts constant and interesting.

I’ll also use this page to pontificate and wax poetic (read: rant :D) on the shape of the Church as it is in the world. Let’s discuss what’s going on in the Kingdom – and how Kingdom is impacting the wider society.

Now… to the latest thing that God’s done recently:

I’ve been praying for a while now for God to increase the impact of my prophetic gift on my evangelistic efforts… I’ve seen God move powerfully in the area of prophecy for individuals I know and for people who are already Christians, but I’ve not seen a lot of prophetic stuff personally for people who are not yet Christians – but that changed yesterday!

There’s a temporary worker at my company who has been here a week or so now, doing some work for Head Office. I had started to pray for her after a couple of days, asking God to give me a specific word for her so that she would know that he was real. She had told me that she had a little girl, and after prayer God was telling me that her former church had persecuted her because she had gotten pregnant. Also, as soon as I started to pray, I realized that my eyes had started to hurt – I wondered, “Does she have a problem with her eyes?”

So to cut a longer story shorter … I saw her the next day and I started the conversation with, “Which church did you attend?” “Seventh Day Adventist,” she said. I told her that I was praying for her the night before and that I felt that God had told me that she had come under fire from the church because she had gotten pregnant. She agreed. I also asked her if she had a problem with her eyes – she told me that she used to wear glasses, but she had stopped. I offered to pray for her eyes – which she accepted – and then I apologised on behalf of the Church for what her old church did to her, the rejection hurt. I then told her that God told me those things so that she would know that he knows her and that he loves her… and then asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus into her life. I led her in a sinners prayer, and now we have a new Kingdom child!!!!! Keep her in prayer: her name is Laurel.

I’ve invited her to visit my church, SHARP, this weekend (for all you uninitiated, it’s a cell church, house church or new church, depending on where in the world you are reading this 😉 – a church that meets in each other’s homes and tries to live as a community.)

Does anybody else have any experiences with prophetic evangelism – or longings to see God work in that way?