Welcome – and a new Kingdom child….

I have decided to try my hand again at this blogging thing 😉 I know that people have said that my prophetic gift is strongest when I write (type, really), so I’ve decided to make it official… I’m going to document my walk with the Lord and celebrate all the things he is doing in my life.

Things have been extremely exciting for me, so I really have no excuse not to share God’s dealings with me with the wider public….. so I’m going to try to keep these posts constant and interesting.

I’ll also use this page to pontificate and wax poetic (read: rant :D) on the shape of the Church as it is in the world. Let’s discuss what’s going on in the Kingdom – and how Kingdom is impacting the wider society.

Now… to the latest thing that God’s done recently:

I’ve been praying for a while now for God to increase the impact of my prophetic gift on my evangelistic efforts… I’ve seen God move powerfully in the area of prophecy for individuals I know and for people who are already Christians, but I’ve not seen a lot of prophetic stuff personally for people who are not yet Christians – but that changed yesterday!

There’s a temporary worker at my company who has been here a week or so now, doing some work for Head Office. I had started to pray for her after a couple of days, asking God to give me a specific word for her so that she would know that he was real. She had told me that she had a little girl, and after prayer God was telling me that her former church had persecuted her because she had gotten pregnant. Also, as soon as I started to pray, I realized that my eyes had started to hurt – I wondered, “Does she have a problem with her eyes?”

So to cut a longer story shorter … I saw her the next day and I started the conversation with, “Which church did you attend?” “Seventh Day Adventist,” she said. I told her that I was praying for her the night before and that I felt that God had told me that she had come under fire from the church because she had gotten pregnant. She agreed. I also asked her if she had a problem with her eyes – she told me that she used to wear glasses, but she had stopped. I offered to pray for her eyes – which she accepted – and then I apologised on behalf of the Church for what her old church did to her, the rejection hurt. I then told her that God told me those things so that she would know that he knows her and that he loves her… and then asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus into her life. I led her in a sinners prayer, and now we have a new Kingdom child!!!!! Keep her in prayer: her name is Laurel.

I’ve invited her to visit my church, SHARP, this weekend (for all you uninitiated, it’s a cell church, house church or new church, depending on where in the world you are reading this 😉 – a church that meets in each other’s homes and tries to live as a community.)

Does anybody else have any experiences with prophetic evangelism – or longings to see God work in that way?


2 Responses

  1. Welcome my friend nice to have u on board.

    Congrats at being a “dad” for the 3rd time!

  2. Welcome my friend (although you are an older hand than me at this blogging!) and look forward to reading your thoughts.

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