Radical Obedience – Seeking after God

On Lambert’s advice, I’m going to immediately blog about what we’re talking about.

He said that he wants a deeper experience with God – no more religion, just experience and presence.  I encouraged him prophetically that that’s what God wants for him, too…  and I just started to tell him what I’ve been doing to help my own intimacy with God.

Here’s the relevant piece of that conversation:

I’ve been locking myself away (figuratively speaking, I usu do God time when the rest are asleep)….
actually, I just respond when I feel the urge to spend time with God
and I don’t have any agenda
I don’t ask for anything really
I just worship
and tell him how much he means to me
and how much I desire to be with him
not for power’s sake, but for relationship’s sake
and when the power comes, when the presence comes
I don’t even stop
I just keep pushing and saying  God… I love  u
I adore u
I talk, and then I listen
and I respond to what I hear
so we’re really having conversation… which in the natural breeds relationship
between two ppl
so what about a spiritual relationship between me and God?

There it is.  I seek to have a real conversation with God – I want to be with him like I want to be with my wife when I haven’t seen her for a while.  I remember when she went to missions in Antigua and left me home for a couple of weeks…or even before that, when she went to Trinidad for about a month a couple years ago.  I was longing for her so bad – her touch, her voice, anything – that it was like a desperation had built up. I was so tied up!  I wrote her a poem expressing how I felt, called “I Need You” and sent it via email.  As soon as she got the email, she called me from Trinidad.

It’s like that with me and God.  Whenever he calls me, I’m ready to drop everything. But it wasn’t always like that. There were times when he called and I was like, “I’m too tired.” or “Lord, let me just … <wash the dishes, finish this show… whatever>”  I felt this urge to spend time with God, but I put things in the middle, things that were ‘more important’.

So of course, he took the hint.  God doesn’t force himself on anyone.

Thank God that I have been delivered from that idolatrous spirit! I now try to make sure that I spend time with him and I always sacrifice to follow him when he calls.  I’m convinced that this  willingness to follow him wherever he leads can be contributed to this surge of intimacy I feel with him.  Be encouraged to do the same!


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