Risk – the Precursor to a Life of Power

I’ve just started to have separate conversations with two dear friends of mine on MSN (thank God for technology!) and I started to prophesy to them both… I feel as though God is calling us to risk for him. As I told one of them

God wants the prophetic to take a greater hold on our evangelistic efforts… he wants us to press into him and then RISK for him.
Then we will see prophecies fulfilled… then we will see miracles… THEN and only then can we see the power of God… because the angels cannot act on a non-existent word.

I’m really sensing this at the moment… we stifle the working of the Holy Spirit because of fear of man… we are so afraid of getting it wrong and appearing “foolish” in man’s eyes that we don’t do anything at all – and the “angels cannot act on a non-existent word.” If we don’t speak, if we don’t activate our faith by action, the spiritual realm cannot act upon it.

I’ve been hearing a lot about that recently – acting in faith and seeing God meet that faith with miracles, healings, etc. I’ve been soaking in teaching from Bill Johnson (www.bjm.org; http://www.ibethel.org) that encourages me in this risk taking. And on my first real trial – I see someone come to Christ… without argument, without me trying to convince her about the truth of the Scripture, nothing that would normally happen if I was trying to engage her at the level of her intellect. But God bypassed that and spoke situations about her that only she knew between us…. and afterwards, I said , “What you just experienced is called prophecy, and God did it to show you that he’s real and that he loves you. I’m not pressuring you, but would you want to give your life to him?” She said yes, and I led her in a prayer of salvation.

So, I’m encouraged to try it again hehehe…..I am more encouraged to risk again.

What happens if I get it wrong???

Well – that hasn’t happened yet, so when it does I’ll let you know.

No, seriously, I am aware that I may hear wrong or interpret wrong. I know that I can get it wrong – so if I do, I first won’t beat myself up about it. I secondly will make sure I explain to the person I’m speaking to that although I may have made a mistake, it doesn’t negate Jesus’ love for them.

And I won’t give up. I’ll be continuously pressing in and saying, “I didn’t hear right that time. I want to get closer to u so that won’t happen again the next time.”

So – let’s risk it for Jesus… the world is groaning until the sons of God are revealed!


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