Introductory Articles about House Church

I found these articles on HouseChurchBlog. (man, once I start something, I dive right into it: I’ve been blogging all of 4/5 days and already I referencing other blogs. Heh. Anyway…)

They give a fairly good definition and understanding of what is called the ‘house church movement’ and gave me a good launching pad to defend my own involvement in it for the last 9+ years, (wow. It’s been so long already??!!!) especially the concept of House Church Networks, which is a good definition of ARC Caribbean…

So, for anyone who wants to read them they are:

What is Church
What is Church 2
Participatory Church
Missional Church
Community Life
What about Leadership
House Church Networks
What about Children?
It’s All about Jesus


2 Responses

  1. The church needs to be ‘provocative’.

    “Christians are not just meant to try to do good, be nice and help the world work a little better. They are instead to act as signposts to another order, another way of life, another kingdom which can only be glimpsed in this world, but has not yet arrived completely’

    • Hi John!

      You are right! I’m checking out your website right now 🙂 Here’s to provocation – to a stirring that makes people take notice – not of us, but of the One we represent!

      I like this quote from the post you pointed to:

      Tomlin suggests the church needs to be actively fostering a new relationship with God. Our culture’s obsession with constant communication, of which texting is symptomatic, and our fascination with sex are indicative of a desperate longing for intimacy… ‘people are starved for affection and terrified of abandonment. And this desire for intimacy is a vague echo of our need for intimacy with God’. And in its worship the church needs to be that signpost that says, “This way… this is how you can know God… this is where your deepest longings can be met.”

      May we be signposts to Jesus Christ!

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