Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Well, God’s been good to me this week! (Isn’t he always?) I have really started to experience the peace that passes all understanding over the last couple of days. Let’s set the scene:

Saturday before last, my wife and I were relaxing in bed, not really wanting to get up and face another day just yet when – *BAM! BAM! BAM!* – somebody tried to break down my front door (otherwise known as knocking.) When we got to the door we were greeted by an officer of the court, who ceremoniously presented me with two summons to traffic court for the same offense – parking near a “no waiting” sign last year.

I remember it… I was short on time and I had to run into the credit union on Fairchild Street. I didn’t want to park there, but like I said, I was short on time. I actually pulled in on the side of the road fairly quickly – you know, a split second decision. I pulled in and parked right next to the sign (yeah I know, really smart, right?) No sooner as I got out of the car and started towards the credit union I heard someone calling me. I look back, and a policeman was walking towards me. (Where did he come from?)

He upbraided me for not having any regard for the laws of the land – I mean, I was parked right next to the sign, right? – and then he reported me.

So, I have this summons. Ok. Next scene.

Friday morning, Lesanne finds a prophetic word that has been given to me by my best friend, Graham. God says in it that he’s giving me peace and that I should not let anyone take it away from me. I felt the presence of the Lord on that; God was confirming that word to me. Ok. Good.

Friday night I come home and realize that I see this letter that has been drawn up from a lawyer’s chambers, saying that the accident that I was involved in on June 9, 2006 was entirely my fault and the other party wants to settle amicably to the tune of $9,092.82.

I was like, “What????” Now, I remember that incident too…. to try to shorten this post (If you are still reading it, you are a master of patience!) I’ll just say that the lawyer says I am totally responsible for this accident because of my ‘negligence’ but that is mistaken – the insurance agents agreed that we are both responsible for the accident – he tried to overtake me as I was turning across the road to get into a gap on my right.

I would normally be really, really annoyed at this stuff… it seemed like everything was falling down on me all around – work was stressful as we are implementing a new wireless solution for the warehouse, money is tight, and now these two situations…. but the ‘peace of God, that passes all understanding, [will] guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.’

I was so peaceful throughout all of Friday (even before I got that letter Friday night) that I was releasing it as a prophetic word to people at work (that same passage I quoted above.)

SO – what’s the outcome?

Well, I still have to go to traffic court… I obviously have to plead guilty, but I’m praying for leniency as it is my first conviction (yeah, I can’t say it wasn’t my first offense – who hasn’t pulled at the side of the road to save a dollar?)  I talked to my insurance agent and I explained my side – I can’t afford a lawyer, I was afraid that I’d have to go to court for this too… but he said that the insurance agency will fight on my behalf.  So, that’s ongoing as well, but I still have His peace!!!!!!!

So, what do I say? I repeat the shout of the Pentecostal Christians “God is good – all the time! – and all the time – God is GOOD!!!!! AMEN


2 Responses

  1. I was glad to read about your trials. I to am going through a very difficult time. I just lost my job of l0yrs and I am going through some medical problems, not to mention I am about to have a nervous breakdown about my financial situation. My brother and sister in law live with me, and she is disabled. Also, my brother was involved in an industrial accident approx. 4 weeks ago and has been unable to work. So we have no income to speak of, but I want to tell everyone I meet that “God is great”. He is always there! I may not know what the future holds, but I know my saviour holds that future.

  2. Hey Peggy!

    You wouldn’t believe it, but your comment on this post came in just as I was overwhelmed with a couple other things going on in my life. Again, finances are tight, and my family wondered if I was making a mistake in a decision I had recently made…. I have an exam coming up, and I was really stressing out. But then your comment comes in as a not so subtle reminder from Father God that I should still have peace in the midst of THIS storm as well. Bless you! God is still on the throne 😀

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