Verbal Diarrhoea

I’ve been challenged on my tendency to talk too much.  By three people over the past week.  It’s a hard lesson – It’s one of my strengths, my ability to talk…  but maybe it’s too easy for words to spill out.

I’ve been challenged that my need to explain things might have come from times when I had to defend the very strong physical manifestations of the presence of God on my body – shakings, especially – which made others around me afraid.  Another suggestion is that it comes from having to (or feeling the need to) defend myself against the onslaught of questions my mother would ask when she wanted to get to the bottom of  something.

It’s a hard lesson.  Please, pray for me.  I want to be free of anything that has me bound in this area.  (The urge to continue this post is strong – I always could say more, explain more… but I’ve realized that the urge to explain is the symptom… so I’ll stop here.)


4 Responses

  1. Hi – well done for making this public (‘voicing it’ seemed an inappropriate word!). Seriously, bringing matters into the light is a powerful way of helping to deal with them and our confession of areas of weakness enables us to be ‘covered’ by our brothers’ love. God will bless you as you make adjustments.

  2. Part of the prophetic call is a very strong personality. I do not know one person called to the prophetic who does not have a very strong personality. I have found at times, I just want to turn it off and “be myself” and have fun. Which is fine until I say something out of turn. I used to call it diarrhoea of the mouth (sounds so gross) but I’ve had it several times. I had it yesterday…it seems like sometimes I’ll say anything if it might be funny.

  3. Yeah I know exactly what that’s like….My flesh loves an audience. I’m working at self-control, though; part of the fruit of the Spirit… that, plus getting some deliverance prayer has helped.

  4. i’m floored,i always thought no one wanted to be brother with me.but i know where my talkativeness come from,growing up i was never heared-talked over-made fun of-never had interaction with children my own age-…and more that i cannot get into on here. so now that i’m an adult i still have a problem that has spilled over into my Spiritual life: example..I had made a statement about a person not making it back home from a trip/and the person’s plane crashed and until this day it’s a reminder,that my voice has been in hold mode so long that ,that is a form of bondage…spiritually.
    My action that I have taken now is to jourual.

    JOURUALS: personal
    sad times…yes sad times,no one is always on the mountain top

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