Pointers of God: Seeing God during the Day

God is great!!!!!! I’ve been seeing God work over the past couple days:

  1. A couple days ago I went to pay for a trip to the States that I wanted to make to go to this conference on deliverance held by Warfare Plus Ministries (www.warfareplus.com) The lady told me at first that my fare would have gone up because I was authorizing payment after her deadline – but then she asked the airline, and they let me go on with the original cost! God is good….
  2. I had to pay a fine for parking my car illegally last year – the money I saved from not having to pay the extra cost for my ticket went for that … isn’t God great?
  3. I went by a friend of mine who I’m encouraging in the prophetic. I wanted her to stretch her prophetic muscles so I challenged her to listen to the Lord to give me a prophetic word right there. God gave her Haggai 1:13-14 for me, which speaks of God confirming his presence to Zerubbabel, who was stirred up to start building the house of the Lord. I confirmed that word to her, as when God called me to prophesy, it was to see the Church built up as he would want it. The word was definitely a confirmation of God’s call on my life, but it was as much a confirmation to her that she had heard the Lord correctly. I’m just glad of what God’s been doing!
  4. I went with my wife to her father’s church (he’s the pastor of a traditional Pentecostal holiness church) ; we went to their prayer meeting… I had a song in the Spirit… I just started to sing these words (man, I wish I could remember the tune now: Release the revival / Revival power / Send down your fire/ Empower me!
  5. I had a prophetic word for the church about God resurrecting what others thought was dead … I’ve printed it out and plan to give it to the leadership today.

It’s been one awesome day… and now today while talking to one of the guys from SHARP, he’s telling me that he’s received a knighthood from Jesus (he felt the sword touch his shoulders as he was worshipping – reminds me of when the same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. What’s God doing in this time? Man, these are exciting times!!!!!!


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