Interesting Kingdom Websites

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No real pithy posts today… just thought I’d share some of my favourite websites that deal with the prophetic and other Godly supernatural areas… I’m linking you to their media pages, if they are available, so that if you have a broadband connection you can use your browser to listen to audio sermons or video presentations about many different subjects

  1. – Patricia King, at the head of this ministry, teaches the Body of Christ about the prophetic through her online videos of her XPTV show (Extreme Prophetic TV that shows in the States and Canada) and online XP videos. To watch the videos, you will need to sign up as a Special Member, but it’s free.
  2. – Todd Bentley’s website… I have loved to listen to his teachings and testimonies about the supernatural and the Kingdom of God. His media page has a treasure trove of messages about God’s power and his Kingdom.
  3. – Bill Johnson’s church in Redding, CA, where signs and wonders, miracles and healings take place daily…. His teaching is the one that catapulted me even further into seeking after the fullness of the Kingdom of God. Listen to the sermon of the week, or go to his personal website and click on “Media Center” (I can’t link to it directly, because clicking this link pops up another window that has the media info.)
  4. – Joshua Mills did not know how to play the piano or sing – until he was hit by the Holy Ghost! Now, he is a living sign and wonder – gold dust appears on him and around him as he worships God, and healings and deliverances take place while he even speaks about what he’s seeing in the Spirit as he worships! Watch the videos on his Media page.
  5. – Chip Brogden’s written presence is very impactful; he makes you think. He challenges and cuts across religious mindsets. Read his articles and prepare to be challenged! He also has a video feed and free MP3 messages as well.
  6. – The newest addition to my favourite Kingdom media page… the It’s Supernatural! TV show can be watched from this site, as Sid interviews people who have been involved in supernatural experiences.  He also has an audio show, Messianic Vision.  Sid is a Messianic Jew, and he himself has a call to draw Jew and Gentile into what Paul calls ‘one new man’, removing the dividing line between these two people groups, to make the Jews who don’t know Jesus jealous as they see signs and wonders… enough! Go to the site yourself and explore … <grin>

These are only some of the websites I have found while searching for information on the Kingdom of God…. Explore them all and of course, don’t just accept what is said at face value – pray and study for yourself so that God can reveal his Kingdom to you himself!


3 Responses

  1. Praise God Brother and Sister

    I’ll be greatful if you send us imfirmation about Revivalist Toddy Bently Fresh fire, we want some CDs of preaching, miracles and CDs
    of testimony. I’m waiting for your answer. please Email me.

  2. Great resource recommendations!

    • Took me a long time to get back to my blog, but I am so grateful you stopped by. Is this really who I think it is? I followed this Extreme Prophetic with a passion a lot a while back – I still get updates from XP Media in my inbox. (The only reason I don’t follow it as often now is because sites with video content are now blocked at work to save bandwidth – and I hardly go online at home anymore…)

      But I am and forever will be grateful to Patricia and the rest of the team as these websites opened me up to more of God. I have sat in faith before the computer screen and felt the presence of God wash over my spirit as people have prayed – is this where I got the inspiration for my own ministry? No, but it validated it! I have also been praying for people over the internet, via using MSN Messenger, Google Chat and more recently, Blackberry Messenger… it was awesome typing prayers and releasing the power of God and having my friends say that they could feel God move!

      Anyway, search the rest of my blog – I have testimonies here of the HAND OF GOD moving on my life and others’ lives through prayer and interaction with the Holy Spirit. Please don’t be a stranger!!!!!

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