Tampa Report

  • I have been in Tampa for the last week attending Warfare Plus Ministries’ Break Free Deliverance Conference and it is mind-blowingly transformational. Too many things are going on to tell everything in detail, but:
  • I’ve met some great people in this group from Barbados – people from different churches, ages, and backgrounds, but who all love the Lord with a passion and want to be set free from demonic strongholds themselves, as well as learn how to do it to release others in the Caribbean.
  • I’ve met some great people in the church here in Tampa – from getting to know the Hollis’ first hand to reconnecting with the people who helped with my deliverance back in Barbados (Hi, Marie, Utah and Mike!)
  • I’ve met a new prophetic mentor, who God’s automatically drawn me to – I’m looking forward to getting closer to Vito.
  • The worship at the church New Beginnings (which is the home of the Warfare Plus Ministries team) is awesome! God’s really got a sense of freedom over the church itself – I could really just let it all out and worship 😀
  • The deliverance was a success, and we all got a powerful freedom from having the team pray for us.
  • There was a prophetic session (a teaching session, if you will) the Tuesday evening – it was AWE-INSPIRING seeing God use people who never thought they could prophesy to speak into the lives of others. After the prophetic exercises – look out SHARP, I’ll be doing them with you when I get home – there was a POWERFUL time of corporate prophecy as I joined Vito and a couple other prophetic people at the front and we prophesied one after the other for individuals.  People got confirmations, impartations…. all I can say is WOW! (Anyone who wants more info, I’ll post it in the blog if you ask for it… *wink*)
  • Now we’re going through the School of Deliverance, learning how to do the ministry that we went through ourselves.  I’ve done this in Barbados already, but I’m eager to learn whatever it takes to do what God has called me to.
  • I’ve been getting contact information, not only for the people here in Tampa – I got some new friends that I need to keep in contact with – but I’m getting contact info for the people in the Barbados team, some of whom want me to minister prophetically at their churches because of the powerful time of prophecy we shared. WOW – the Bible does say that a man’s gift opens up doors for them, right? Keep me in prayer! 😀

I also want to take this time to wish Hess and Alexis Harry my heartiest congratulations on the birth of their son – I’m eager to get home and hold this new prophet in my hands 🙂  Love you guys!

So, I’ll be home on Monday night – I’ll try to get in another Tampa report before I come home.


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  1. Robert, there is just SOMETHING about Tampa! I have been tremendously blessed of the Lord in various visits there (have been there about 3 times on business). Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne (Revival Ministries Int’l) River Church is a must visit for when you go next time. Am greatly enjoying reading your blog entries!

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