Increased Spiritual Activity Since Tampa

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page…. but there’s a lot happening!

I’ve recently concluded a week of deliverance ministry and deliverance training with Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis at Warfare Plus Ministries ( I went with a team of 20 0ther people from different churches to receive personal deliverance ministry as well as to go through a School of Deliverance, where we were all trained in deliverance ministry, enabling us to be placed on the frontline when we got back to Barbados. Here’s a rundown of some of the frenetic activity that has been happening:

  • Coming back to the States, we mised our connecting flight and I started getting panic attacks until I saw the leader of our group coming by (Pastor Ferdinand Nicholls) – he missed the flight as well; in all there were four of us who were in Miami an extra 3 hours, but it gave us a chance to start to bond. At the same time, I think that it was a way for God to start getting the glory! Pastor Ferdy was late because one of our team was detained by US Immigration officials, and he was trying to get information about her. Suddenly, he got a call from the remainder of the team who had been able to get into Tampa – the lady who we were waiting for in Miami somehow passed right by us and was in Tampa already!
  • Before deliverance, I was terrified of getting lost in Tampa – the last time I was there I got lost and was terrified – Florida is much bigger than Barbados as a whole: it took me 4 hours to find my way to where I was staying! Driving to the church was also terrifying; I was gripping the steering wheel so tightly! After deliverance, the fear was gone I found that I was going past the speed limit, I was so confident – even when my GPS locator that helps me get around lost its satellite reception on the way to church on the Tuesday night for the prophetic class! I had no fear – I just asked God to help me find my way to the church. The last time that I made a wrong turn – before my deliverance – I panicked!
  • Met a prophetic fellow Vito Rallo, to whom I felt connected – I asked him to be another father figure for me, and another mentor in the prophetic. On Tuesday, he had a prophetic class which our Barbados team attended. There were prophetic exercises; but the highlight of my experience was ministering prophetically to the congregation in a team with Vito, his wife Pat and another young lady (shoot, what’s her name again??? LOL) That was sooo empowering! I didn’t go home until 1:30 am the Wednesday morning, and there were a stack of cassette tapes as prophecies flowed… WOW!
  • Shared a report of my trip with my church – shared stories of my own deliverance, and some of the powerful things that happened over the week – and then prayed and laid hands on everyone, releasing the presence of the Lord and prophesying. After a couple minutes, some fell out under the power of God, others were walking around, praying and prophesying themselves!
  • I had received a vision of myself getting knighted when the Break Free conference was coming to a close when it was hosted in Barbados- and I was astonished when I realized that Dr. Claire had also received a similar vision at the beginning of her deliverance ministry. Amazingly, two members of my church have told me – independently of each other, I might add (one before I left for Tampa and one directly after I returned) – that they have also received the exact same vision. When I was praying and prophesying, I released a corporate anointing over the entire church, which God told me was the same knighthood that some of us have received individually!
  • I have prophesied to several people through the Internet – some of whom I have never seen before! I prophesied to this girl in Dominica, telling her in advance about her relationship breaking down with her boyfriend – she was so shocked that I knew the things that were going on in her life that I was able to bring her back to the Lord! She’s been telling all her friends about the experience, and they have been contacting me online for prayer and possibly a word from the Lord as well – and they were in Trinidad!
  • I’ve been getting prophetic words for some people at work, and this morning I had a prophetic picture that I need to delve into a little bit more for someone at my wife’s workplace.
  • I’ve received word from some of the people that befriended us at the church that they received impartations from me from just me worshipping at the church – one lady, Phyllis, told me that she felt a “power surge” coming from me as she sat behind me in the congregation. She said that a religious spirit that she had was removed (I didn’t do anything – thank you Holy Spirit!) and we were able to run around the church waving huge flags. I was so energetic that my flag flew off the flagpole – but I just picked it right back up again and waved the flag around.

Well, I tried not to be longwinded, but it didn’t work. I was too excited! If you’ve made it this far, you have a lot of patience! Anyway, God has really got me going… keep me in prayer!


3 Responses

  1. Im closely following steps in your book “Exposing and Expelling Strongholds” and I thank the Holy Spirit for helping me use your book as an aid in pulling down strongholds in my life and to set me free from their hold.

  2. Hello;
    I am new to the Tampa, FL area and I am looking for a church that God is using for healing, deliverance and the prophetic.
    Can you help me find one?


    • Welcome to the Hand of God, Steve! Well, this is the website to the New Beginnings Fellowship – That’s the church that gave me my deliverance training, and part of the Kingdom initiative that is Warfare Plus Ministries. You can also go to the Living Free website as well.

      Their address is: New Beginnings Fellowship, 3457 W. Kenyon Ave., Tampa, Florida, United States, 33614 and their telephone number is (813) 935-HOPE or 935-4673.

      Hope that helps you!

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