Prophetic Word in KFC

Just came back from lunch…. had a prophetic encounter there that I just have to share.

Met Carson, a friend who’s in the IS/IVCF movement in Barbados (the Christian Fellowship movement in the schools, for the uninitiated.) We talked about the goodness of God, and what God’s been doing in our lives….

Then, this girl appears from the next table. She said that she overheard our conversation, and wanted to know which church we attended. We told her, and then she started to tell us about her wanting to link up with a church here. She was leaving for Queens, New York in the morning, and she was deciding to stay in the States because she didn’t have anyone here to link to. She wanted a fresh start. So, Carson and I started to encourage her, and I started to tell her prophetically what I was seeing – the image was of the woman that was caught in adultery, where Jesus challenged her accusers and they all left, and he told the woman to “Go and sin no more.”

She agreed and was saying that she was persecuted in the past – I said that it was church people that persecuted her and that it was because of that she stopped following God. She agreed to that too. She even said that because of the persecution, she was sent to a mental institution. We told her that it wasn’t the church that she was to follow, she was to follow God; that the ‘hypocrites’ in church shouldn’t stop her from having a relationship with Jesus.

We led her in a prayer of recommitment. I led her to cut off soul ties with her boyfriend and with the people who hurt her. I prayed against the spirit of mental illness and then asked her if she had nightmares; she said she did, so I prayed against the evil spirits that caused them. I asked her if she felt anything as I prayed, she said she did, but then said that she was feeling anxious, as though there was something telling her that nothing had happened. So, we told her that she has the authority to ‘tell off’ Satan because now she is a child of God, and I told her she could use the word as Jesus did. I broke off the spirit of anxiety in the name of Jesus and released the spirit of peace that passes all understanding. I came against fear in Jesus name and prayed in a spirit of love, power and a sound mind.

Afterward, we gave her contact info and saw her onto her bus. 🙂 Isn’t God wonderful? 🙂

Pray for her – that God lead her to the right set of believers in Queens and that she will keep in contact with Carson and myself. Her name is Sandra.


One Response

  1. so wha i wanna know is…what’d you have for lunch?

    lol – kidding dude.

    o Lord, You weren’t kidding when You said “your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams”.

    strange thing is I’ve been doing more dreams than visions, and i’m only 24!

    Rob, great job on documenting the supernatural presence of God spilling over in your life! Got me kinda envious – in a good way. Thx for spurring us all on for…



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