Spiritual Warfare

My wife had a dream night before last where she came home to find one of the people in our neighbourhood coming out of our house with some papers.  She confronted the lady in her dream, but wanted to know what it meant, what its interpretation was.

I came home last night after work to find a pair of shoes tied together by the laces and slung over the telephone wires over our house.  For the uninformed, that means that illegal drugs are being sold nearby.  This is common knowledge in our neighbourhood, but to have that shoe there represented a breach of privacy, in our opinion.  It meant that at any time I would expect to see people carrying on their trade right in front of our house.  It might even mean that people not knowing the neighbourhood may come in, see that sign above our house and come to us to get drugs.

I was furious!  I believed that the pair of shoes was put there deliberately, as there is a land squabble going on over boundary lines and who owns which lot; my wife and I had thought the dream had had something to do with that – but then these shoes turn up.

I went to bed for a little while, but when I woke up after midnight to put out the garbage for the next day’s pickup, I saw it there again and vowed that I had to get it down right then.   I got a broom and pulled at one of the shoes, trying to dislodge them.  I got it pulled closer to the ground, but not all together off the line.  I had gotten them close enough to me that I could jump and pull at the lower shoe and drag them off of the telephone wire.

I dumped them in the trash and went inside … and I started binding all of the evil spirits that have a contract out against us and forbidding them by the blood of Jesus from having anything to do with us.  I prayed that a line of Jesus’ blood be drawn around the property,  and commanded the evil spirits not to cross it.  I rebuked the principalities around our neighbourhood, specifically the drugs principality, and forbade them from entering our property or touching anyone related to me – specifically my wife and two boys.

I was so annoyed that I woke up my wife by my volume while rebuking the enemy… and she told me that she’d had another dream, where a centipede was crawling up our baby’s crib. That sent me into another round of rebuking – binding any evil spirits that want to lash out at us thorough our children and commanding them to not have anything to do with us.  I placed a Jesus Christ bloodline around the boys – especially the baby – and forbade Satan or his kingdom from touching them.

I even prayed that ‘seeing eyes be made blind’ so that no one in the neighbourhood would realize that the shoes were gone – if it worked for Elisha, who led the Syrians right into the heart of the Israelite territory – I expect it to work for me. 😉

Anyway, God is sovereign.


Food for Thought over the Weekend

I’ve been challenged by a couple of things over this pas weekend:

  • I’ve just been watching a video clip from Extreme Prophetic, where Jill Austin gave a story of getting a massage and the glory of the Lord that she carried starting to affect the young masseuse – as the young lady was rubbing her back she started to get weak and then started to manifest! So Jill put her clothes back on and led the young lady through deliverance. She challenged us to seek after the love and intimate relationship with the Lord and become a carrier of the Glory! Lord, I want that sooo much ….. I want to be a carrier for you! Here’s the link.
  • Went to assembly pastored by an old friend of mine from college – I was challenged by the sermon, which was on being committed to what God has called you to, and on the church changing her mindsets. As we prayed, asking God to change us, I had two movie quotes flash through my mind: The Lord of the Rings, “Put aside the ranger…. become who you were born to be!” and 300 “Sparta! What is your profession???” The first quote was a challenge to the reluctant Aragorn, who feels apprehensive about taking up the crown because of his ancestor Isiludur’s failure to destroy the Ring of Power, and his anxiety about the same weakness being passed down to him.  He was challenged to step into his destiny as King.  The second quote was from the King of Sparta asking his 300 soldiers what they were committed to.

Went to the wedding of one of my good friends from my church network(congratulations, Petula and Jonathan!!!!) and prophesied over them – along with a couple others from the church – and then went to a church ball with my wife and we renewed our vows along with 25 or so other couples.  It was a great weekend – busy, but great 🙂

Friday night at Lucky Horseshoe

Firstly, sorry for not updating for so long! Busy busy busy!!!!

Met a wonderful young lady named Ricquel on Friday night as a group of friends got together to celebrate seeing a mutual friend that was popping into Barbados for the weekend. I watched her turn a situation where two guys were hitting on her into an evangelistic event – they commented on how good looking she is and how her boyfriend lucky and thing …. and she decides to tell them, “Let me tell you about my boyfriend…” and starts to tell them about how her man is the sweetest, most loving man she’s ever met and laying it on thick – just to let them know that his name is Jesus! *grin*

I had a word of knowledge for one of the guys – I asked him if he was into football (he said he was when he was younger) and then I told him I also saw running on the streets in gangs and fighting (he told me that was when he was younger, as well.) I told him that he’s a leader, and he has to be careful what he does because he has others looking up to him. I told him God was telling me this stuff about him and that he had a choice – he could make the decision to follow now, because he doesn’t have tomorrow put down.

He thanked me, and then he and his buddy left. I felt the pull to pray for Ricquel, releasing the power of God on her life. I could see that the anointing was having an effect on her as she was accepting God’s touch, and I called one of my female friends to help me lay hands on her. The power of God was so evident that we decided to vacate Lucky Horseshoe’s parking lot and go someplace to pray.

We went by Jason’s house and just started to pray for each other…. I had a prophetic word for almost everyone there; and it was great to hear Jason interpreting my tongues as I prayed over Kevin….

I actually found myself singing the prophecies I was getting at one point… I was like, “This is strange,” in my mind as I was doing it, but I was just overawed by God’s goodness.

Now, I’m planning some of the sessions that I learned in Tampa with some of the people I met on Friday… things will be interesting