Friday night at Lucky Horseshoe

Firstly, sorry for not updating for so long! Busy busy busy!!!!

Met a wonderful young lady named Ricquel on Friday night as a group of friends got together to celebrate seeing a mutual friend that was popping into Barbados for the weekend. I watched her turn a situation where two guys were hitting on her into an evangelistic event – they commented on how good looking she is and how her boyfriend lucky and thing …. and she decides to tell them, “Let me tell you about my boyfriend…” and starts to tell them about how her man is the sweetest, most loving man she’s ever met and laying it on thick – just to let them know that his name is Jesus! *grin*

I had a word of knowledge for one of the guys – I asked him if he was into football (he said he was when he was younger) and then I told him I also saw running on the streets in gangs and fighting (he told me that was when he was younger, as well.) I told him that he’s a leader, and he has to be careful what he does because he has others looking up to him. I told him God was telling me this stuff about him and that he had a choice – he could make the decision to follow now, because he doesn’t have tomorrow put down.

He thanked me, and then he and his buddy left. I felt the pull to pray for Ricquel, releasing the power of God on her life. I could see that the anointing was having an effect on her as she was accepting God’s touch, and I called one of my female friends to help me lay hands on her. The power of God was so evident that we decided to vacate Lucky Horseshoe’s parking lot and go someplace to pray.

We went by Jason’s house and just started to pray for each other…. I had a prophetic word for almost everyone there; and it was great to hear Jason interpreting my tongues as I prayed over Kevin….

I actually found myself singing the prophecies I was getting at one point… I was like, “This is strange,” in my mind as I was doing it, but I was just overawed by God’s goodness.

Now, I’m planning some of the sessions that I learned in Tampa with some of the people I met on Friday… things will be interesting


One Response

  1. That was indeed an interesting evening – let’s do it again real soon!!

    (Lucky Horseshoe was good too, the food was good and inexpensive, and the ambience is usually nice as well.)

    I have exercised that gift before (interpretation of tongues), but I’m even more empowered to speak out what I hear communicated to my spirit.

    Interesting times indeed…

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