Food for Thought over the Weekend

I’ve been challenged by a couple of things over this pas weekend:

  • I’ve just been watching a video clip from Extreme Prophetic, where Jill Austin gave a story of getting a massage and the glory of the Lord that she carried starting to affect the young masseuse – as the young lady was rubbing her back she started to get weak and then started to manifest! So Jill put her clothes back on and led the young lady through deliverance. She challenged us to seek after the love and intimate relationship with the Lord and become a carrier of the Glory! Lord, I want that sooo much ….. I want to be a carrier for you! Here’s the link.
  • Went to assembly pastored by an old friend of mine from college – I was challenged by the sermon, which was on being committed to what God has called you to, and on the church changing her mindsets. As we prayed, asking God to change us, I had two movie quotes flash through my mind: The Lord of the Rings, “Put aside the ranger…. become who you were born to be!” and 300 “Sparta! What is your profession???” The first quote was a challenge to the reluctant Aragorn, who feels apprehensive about taking up the crown because of his ancestor Isiludur’s failure to destroy the Ring of Power, and his anxiety about the same weakness being passed down to him.  He was challenged to step into his destiny as King.  The second quote was from the King of Sparta asking his 300 soldiers what they were committed to.

Went to the wedding of one of my good friends from my church network(congratulations, Petula and Jonathan!!!!) and prophesied over them – along with a couple others from the church – and then went to a church ball with my wife and we renewed our vows along with 25 or so other couples.  It was a great weekend – busy, but great 🙂


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  1. It has been a great weekend eh Rob..congrats on the renewing of vows buddy.

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