Spiritual Warfare

My wife had a dream night before last where she came home to find one of the people in our neighbourhood coming out of our house with some papers.  She confronted the lady in her dream, but wanted to know what it meant, what its interpretation was.

I came home last night after work to find a pair of shoes tied together by the laces and slung over the telephone wires over our house.  For the uninformed, that means that illegal drugs are being sold nearby.  This is common knowledge in our neighbourhood, but to have that shoe there represented a breach of privacy, in our opinion.  It meant that at any time I would expect to see people carrying on their trade right in front of our house.  It might even mean that people not knowing the neighbourhood may come in, see that sign above our house and come to us to get drugs.

I was furious!  I believed that the pair of shoes was put there deliberately, as there is a land squabble going on over boundary lines and who owns which lot; my wife and I had thought the dream had had something to do with that – but then these shoes turn up.

I went to bed for a little while, but when I woke up after midnight to put out the garbage for the next day’s pickup, I saw it there again and vowed that I had to get it down right then.   I got a broom and pulled at one of the shoes, trying to dislodge them.  I got it pulled closer to the ground, but not all together off the line.  I had gotten them close enough to me that I could jump and pull at the lower shoe and drag them off of the telephone wire.

I dumped them in the trash and went inside … and I started binding all of the evil spirits that have a contract out against us and forbidding them by the blood of Jesus from having anything to do with us.  I prayed that a line of Jesus’ blood be drawn around the property,  and commanded the evil spirits not to cross it.  I rebuked the principalities around our neighbourhood, specifically the drugs principality, and forbade them from entering our property or touching anyone related to me – specifically my wife and two boys.

I was so annoyed that I woke up my wife by my volume while rebuking the enemy… and she told me that she’d had another dream, where a centipede was crawling up our baby’s crib. That sent me into another round of rebuking – binding any evil spirits that want to lash out at us thorough our children and commanding them to not have anything to do with us.  I placed a Jesus Christ bloodline around the boys – especially the baby – and forbade Satan or his kingdom from touching them.

I even prayed that ‘seeing eyes be made blind’ so that no one in the neighbourhood would realize that the shoes were gone – if it worked for Elisha, who led the Syrians right into the heart of the Israelite territory – I expect it to work for me. 😉

Anyway, God is sovereign.


2 Responses

  1. When I was 13 (a significant age when children have the understanding to commit to Jesus and subsequently when gifts of the Spirit begin to kick in) I had a terrifying dream. I woke up feeling like something was in the room. I went and turned on the light and there was a centipede by the light switch (I almost touched it). I had never seen a centipede (in person) or since. I slept with the light on with my Bible that night. My parents taught us from a young age about the power in the name and blood of Jesus.

  2. Learn something new every day. Bad news is there are more druggies than I realized.

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