Stepping out in Faith!

I just have to share this tesimony of God’s awesomeness….

I was online this morning and one of my friends, nudged me (a capability on the MSN Messenger to shake my computer windows to get my attention) and started to talk.  While we were in conversation, she told me that she was talking to a girl on the phone.  Immediately I heard the word ‘Seeker’ and I told my friend that I had a prophetic word for the girl on the phone. The Scripture verse I heard was this:

‘Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near. Let the wicked man forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts. Let him turn to the Lord, for he will abundantly pardon.’

I told her to tell the girl on the phone that ‘…he is near, and she is to turn away from her impure thought life and seek him, and he will deliver her from her bondage.’

Before I got any response from my friend on whether what I had said made sense or not, another MSN window pops up – and it’s another one of my friends, Melinda.  Melinda tells me that she’s the one on the other end of the phone!  What that did, though, is make me start to doubt the word I had, because I know Melinda: I hear ‘impure thoughts’ and my mind equates them to ‘lustful thoughts’, and I know she’s not like that. So, man, I start to freak out  – “Oh Lord, oh no oh no… I’ve missed it! I got it wrong! This is so horrible!” all in my mind… and as I look over what I wrote, wondering if I had misheard God, I hear him say “Impure doesn’t always mean sexual.” He gives me a slap on the wrist with that comment – stops me whining.

Then he repeats the whole thing again and then  has me type: “God is near – seek him while he is near. Impure thoughts = flesh thoughts, soul thoughts – despair, worry, anxiety.”  I know this one is true, because just the night before, we went to a prophetic meeting and she went up for prayer because of anxiety and worry!

Then.. the first friend that I was speaking to comes back to me and tells me: ‘She said that the word ministered to her.’  I had the entire conversation with Melinda unbeknownst to her and was confirmed ‘behind her back’, so to speak.  I was like – wow!!!!

God is AWESOME! I’m sure he orchestrated the whole thing so that I would know that I’d heard right.  MAN!

I then continued to prophesy over my friend and pray over her as well that God would use her in prophetic evangelism – the details of that I’ll put into another post (grin).


Prophetic Word: Be Faithful!

In response to the prompting of the Lord, I release this prophetic enocuragement to the wider Body. There are people who need to hear this, even as God whispered it into my own heart:

Do not despise the day of small beginnings…. Everything begins as a tiny seed that grows up into a tree large enough to shade under. The Word says that if you are faithful in little things, then greater things will be given unto you. What you have been given seems small by your own standards, but God says to be faithful; he will reward that faithfulness and your responsibilities will increase with his trust in you.  As he trusts you more, he will grant you more.  Seek to gain his trust; hold dear the secrets he reveals to your heart.  ‘No more do I call you servants, because servants do not know what their master is doing, but I call you friends.’ (John 15:15, paraphrased)  Friends share secrets; listen for the secrets from God’s heart. ‘Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?’ (Gen. 18:17, NET Bible)

Testimony of Healing!

Yesterday was Sunday, and my wife’s cousin called and said that she wasn’t going to church because her younger son had gastroenteritis and she herself started to feel nauseous. So, she wasn’t going to the meeting, but had asked for some Gravinate – anti-nausea medication. My wife had asked me to give it to her, as she was late for church. My faith had been stirred up by listening to a Todd Bentley sermon on restoration, and I heard God tell me I was to pray for her healing. I called her, and told her I was coming over with the Gravinate, but that I felt led to pray for her as well.

When I got there, her younger son was there as well, doing homework and her husband was there getting a snack – so I stayed at the doorway and just prayed – releasing the power of God to heal, binding up the spirit of gastroenteritis and sending it to dry places, and I said that before the end of the day, both she and her son would be better. (This was before midday.)

I heard today – my wife had picked her up today to drop her off at her mother’s house – and she had said that by midday both she and her son were completely better! WOW! Isn’t God AMAZING???????

A Whirlwind Life: Updates

The blog has been quiet – but I’ve been busy! 🙂

  • Just came back from a trip to Antigua – I was walking out a prophetic word on my own life, where a friend prophesied expansion to my own prophetic call via obedience to the prompting to visit a newly married couple in Antigua and prophesy over them. That was a wonderful experience – they said that although they are not “demonstrative” (ie, no falling on the floor, tears etc), they received the word and felt it start to work immediately.
  • I’ve been praying for and prophesying to people a lot more over the Internet – some whom I’ve never met, but I have been referred to them through the testimonies of those I’ve prayed for. The awesome nature of God still stuns me: people get delivered through typing out prayers on MSN conversations; the power of God is released by faith and people who are reading are impacted. One girl I was prophesying using an MSN conversation told me she could feel the Presence of God as I prayed; when I asked Him to intensify his presence – she started to be overwhelmed, and told me she had to go and let God do what he was doing in her!
  • My church family has been prophesying to me about being sent out to different countries – one girl told me I should choose a carrier and sign up for frequent flier miles! My best friend told me I should not be afraid to travel, but to make practical preparations now (who’s going to take care of the family etc) before the opportunities start coming.
  • May be invited up to YWAM base to pray and prophesy to all who are interested, as the requests were coming too quickly as word spread online.
  • Have been invited to help out at a Caribbean Crusaders for Christ Freedom outreach.

God’s been keeping me busy.  🙂  So, keep praying!