A Whirlwind Life: Updates

The blog has been quiet – but I’ve been busy! 🙂

  • Just came back from a trip to Antigua – I was walking out a prophetic word on my own life, where a friend prophesied expansion to my own prophetic call via obedience to the prompting to visit a newly married couple in Antigua and prophesy over them. That was a wonderful experience – they said that although they are not “demonstrative” (ie, no falling on the floor, tears etc), they received the word and felt it start to work immediately.
  • I’ve been praying for and prophesying to people a lot more over the Internet – some whom I’ve never met, but I have been referred to them through the testimonies of those I’ve prayed for. The awesome nature of God still stuns me: people get delivered through typing out prayers on MSN conversations; the power of God is released by faith and people who are reading are impacted. One girl I was prophesying using an MSN conversation told me she could feel the Presence of God as I prayed; when I asked Him to intensify his presence – she started to be overwhelmed, and told me she had to go and let God do what he was doing in her!
  • My church family has been prophesying to me about being sent out to different countries – one girl told me I should choose a carrier and sign up for frequent flier miles! My best friend told me I should not be afraid to travel, but to make practical preparations now (who’s going to take care of the family etc) before the opportunities start coming.
  • May be invited up to YWAM base to pray and prophesy to all who are interested, as the requests were coming too quickly as word spread online.
  • Have been invited to help out at a Caribbean Crusaders for Christ Freedom outreach.

God’s been keeping me busy.  🙂  So, keep praying!


One Response

  1. Will do as always, bredrin.

    Is it just me, or is this year absolutely FLYING?
    And de works of God are just FLYING IN as well…

    He’s answering the prayers of the saints for centuries: …let Your Kingdom come…

    Keep chronicling the works of God, my friend.


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