Testimony of Healing!

Yesterday was Sunday, and my wife’s cousin called and said that she wasn’t going to church because her younger son had gastroenteritis and she herself started to feel nauseous. So, she wasn’t going to the meeting, but had asked for some Gravinate – anti-nausea medication. My wife had asked me to give it to her, as she was late for church. My faith had been stirred up by listening to a Todd Bentley sermon on restoration, and I heard God tell me I was to pray for her healing. I called her, and told her I was coming over with the Gravinate, but that I felt led to pray for her as well.

When I got there, her younger son was there as well, doing homework and her husband was there getting a snack – so I stayed at the doorway and just prayed – releasing the power of God to heal, binding up the spirit of gastroenteritis and sending it to dry places, and I said that before the end of the day, both she and her son would be better. (This was before midday.)

I heard today – my wife had picked her up today to drop her off at her mother’s house – and she had said that by midday both she and her son were completely better! WOW! Isn’t God AMAZING???????


5 Responses

  1. That is so cool! YAY GOD!

  2. Yeah Becky 🙂 God is SOOOO cool! Had to share it with my readers 🙂 Keep believing! There’s more to come!

  3. God is amazing and this is your year for unprecedented increase- its the beginning of the ‘lid coming off of ‘ a stifling, resistant and oppressive season on God’s children. Lord bless and guide this gospel preacher, internet ministry, Katika Jina La Yesu, Amina!

  4. Thank you for your blessings, John 🙂 I’m grateful to God for all he is doing 🙂 ‘Katika Jina La Yesu, Amina!’ I can hazard a guess that ‘Yesu is Jesus lol but I wanna know what the rest is 😀 What language is that? Where are you from? Bless you, brother – and may my humble musings of God’s work continue to inspire you!

  5. Nothing is too hard for our God! Praise you Jesus for having all authority over all things, and allowing us to share in it…How great is our God!

    Love me some bajanpoet..brother keep writing..it is so encouraging to hear what God is doing all over the world!!!!

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