Stepping out in Faith!

I just have to share this tesimony of God’s awesomeness….

I was online this morning and one of my friends, nudged me (a capability on the MSN Messenger to shake my computer windows to get my attention) and started to talk.  While we were in conversation, she told me that she was talking to a girl on the phone.  Immediately I heard the word ‘Seeker’ and I told my friend that I had a prophetic word for the girl on the phone. The Scripture verse I heard was this:

‘Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near. Let the wicked man forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts. Let him turn to the Lord, for he will abundantly pardon.’

I told her to tell the girl on the phone that ‘…he is near, and she is to turn away from her impure thought life and seek him, and he will deliver her from her bondage.’

Before I got any response from my friend on whether what I had said made sense or not, another MSN window pops up – and it’s another one of my friends, Melinda.  Melinda tells me that she’s the one on the other end of the phone!  What that did, though, is make me start to doubt the word I had, because I know Melinda: I hear ‘impure thoughts’ and my mind equates them to ‘lustful thoughts’, and I know she’s not like that. So, man, I start to freak out  – “Oh Lord, oh no oh no… I’ve missed it! I got it wrong! This is so horrible!” all in my mind… and as I look over what I wrote, wondering if I had misheard God, I hear him say “Impure doesn’t always mean sexual.” He gives me a slap on the wrist with that comment – stops me whining.

Then he repeats the whole thing again and then  has me type: “God is near – seek him while he is near. Impure thoughts = flesh thoughts, soul thoughts – despair, worry, anxiety.”  I know this one is true, because just the night before, we went to a prophetic meeting and she went up for prayer because of anxiety and worry!

Then.. the first friend that I was speaking to comes back to me and tells me: ‘She said that the word ministered to her.’  I had the entire conversation with Melinda unbeknownst to her and was confirmed ‘behind her back’, so to speak.  I was like – wow!!!!

God is AWESOME! I’m sure he orchestrated the whole thing so that I would know that I’d heard right.  MAN!

I then continued to prophesy over my friend and pray over her as well that God would use her in prophetic evangelism – the details of that I’ll put into another post (grin).


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  1. Yeah Marcus… God is stirring my spirit re-reading the post 🙂
    God is just …. *speechless*

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