More Testimony from the Christian Mission

God is awesome!

I went back to the Christian Mission last night to speak on the Gifts of the Spirit. I gave examples of the empowerment of believers in the Old Testament (Bezalel and Oholiab – Exodus 31:1-7 (craftsmanship); Joseph – Gen. 40, 41; Daniel -Dan. 2:24,27-45 (dream interpretation); even King Saul (1 Sam. 10:10) and King David (1 Sam. 16:13) I mentioned the difference between the Old Testament’s view of empowerment and the New Testament’s: in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit ‘came upon’ select individuals – sometimes only for brief moments to accomplish certain tasks, whereas in the New Testament, the Holy Spirit came down and remained: starting with Jesus, (John 1:32-34) and then on the Church (Acts 1:5, 8; 2:1-4).

I mentioned the result of this empowerment (Mark 16:17-18) and spoke about one way that the gifts were received – the laying on of hands (Acts 8:17; 19:6; 1 Tim. 4:14)

I then spoke about some of the gifts in Scripture – Rom. 12:6-8 and 1 Cor. 12:4-11… and went on to tell my own story about how I was introduced to the gifts and started to operate in them (ask nicely and I might put it in another blog post!) From there I mentioned 1 Cor. 13, and used it to speak about love as the chief motivator for the gifts: no love, gifts lose significance.

And, like I say: then the fun started!

I told everyone what I always say: God can’t drive a parked car. He requires our particpation and willingness in order to work in our lives. I encouraged them to let down their guard, believe God and step out in faith.

Laid hands on one lady, and just quietly started to ask the Holy Spirit to come. As my hands started to get warm, she started to shake and praise. I was encouraging her to listen to see if she heard any ‘gibberish’-like sounds in her mind and to say them out in faith – but honestly, I just released the Lord to do whatever he wanted…

Prayed for another lady and prophetically spoke the teacher gift into her life – I told her I saw a shovel, and it spoke to her digging into the word of God and finding nuggets that were to be meditated on personally and then taught. I laid hands on her and prayed it into her life. Yet another lady was prophesied to about asking the Lord for what she wanted.

I went to a young lady, Maria, and reminded her that when I was there last I had told her that I f felt God wanted to start her off with tongues… I told her that her gifts center around her mouth, around speaking. I laid hands on her and prayed in tongues, encouraging her to speak out – she started to mumble softly, I could barely hear her. When I asked, she told me that it was there, but it was only coming out in mumbles. I kept praying for a bit, and prayed against shyness, and self consciousness, and then I told her to just keep practicing, keep asking God for more.

Prayed for the pastor’s daughter – she said she didn’t feel anything when I prayed; I said that you receive by faith, not merely by feelings. However, I did pray for her to be used in evangelism. I went to the pastor and started to pray that the Holy Spirit would fill him – started to see chains breaking, so I cut off hinderances and blockages that were stopping him from moving forward. I prayed that God would give him more authority even in evangelism and I started prophesying that God set him free from the things in his life that no one knew about, but that he was struggling with.

I prophesied to the entire body then, reminding them of their call to warfare … I told them that they needed the empowerment of the Spirit and exercising their gifts to be impactful in the community and I found myself breaking off words spoken against the assembly about irrelevance. I said that they were called to go out into the community and reach the lost.

I prophesied to the oldest member of the church – a lovely 90 something year old lady (the mother of the guy who invited me: saw her at about 6 years old or so, running through the canefields… the Lord was reminding her he still saw her as that child, still saw that joy within her, even if old age has taken away mobility and physical strength. I told her she should continue to pray for everyone, because everyone needs a praying mother.

Then we started to worship as I finished that time of prayer… and a guy slipped in the back from outside. We had just finished doing what I call a ‘Victory chant’ using Psalm 47:1 I would call out “Clap your hands all ye people….” (everyone would clap as loud as they could) “… and shout unto God with the voice of triumph!” (and everyone would shout out to the Lord in praise at the top of their lungs!) I had to coax them to break out of their sleepiness and shout! During that prayer time, the lady who was told to ask God for what she wanted spontaneously started to shake and cry out while in worship – I was like, “Finally!” 🙂 – I went and prayed with her some more.

Anyway, the guy who came in went further up to the front of the church, where he was met by the assistant pastor. David spoke quietly to him while we worshipped – and then said he had come to give his life to the Lord! WOW – talk about prophetic confirmation about reaching the community! David led him to the Lord, the pastor prayed for him, and then I felt led to pray for him as well – I sensed addiction to alcohol and nicotine, so I asked him if he used to drink. He said, “Yes,” and I broke the spirits of addiction to nicotine and liquor off him… GOD IS GREAT! He knelt on the floor when I was praying for him, and I believe he’s now free.

The first lady – her name is Shontell – came up to me afterwards and she told me that she was the one I was referring to when I said that someone was called to go out into the community – she said that she has had dreams that always came true, and that even before she came back to the Lord that a lady had told her that she was called to prophesy. She’s asked me to keep her on her prayer list, and she said she needs Bible study too… I felt like this is ‘my church’, in a sense… that the Lord placed me here to assist them … so I’ll be back!



I have been pondering this post on SimpleChurch Journal ( on “Rethinking House Church” for some time now, and it is a challenging one.  Simple churches (sometimes called house churches) are smaller groupings of believers who try to live out the gospel in every day life, without the extra trappings of “church buildings”, “church staff” etc.  It revolves around (or should, in its purest form) a lifestyle of Christianity, missional in focus – other-liness rather than self-centeredness and relationships with each other and the wider community that run deeper than sitting next to people in a pew.

Roger Thoman, author of this post, has this to say:

I have spoken and written about the following statement over and over in many different ways:

“Simple church is not about ‘doing church differently,’ rather it’s about a way of life, the Jesus way of life, and supporting that way of life through simple, organic gatherings.”

In other words, the “way of life” really is the primary focus while the structure, format, or type of gathering is completely secondary.  Our communities/gatherings must consist of people who are living or learning to live dynamic, purposeful, intimate, prophetic, missional Christian lifestyles rather than just being house-sized containers for passive Christians to gather in. (my emphasis)

That makes me think.  How can I encourage my church, which follows this format, to be more purposeful in living out this way of life?  How can I, as one of the people who is looked to for direction and leadership, model this more in my lifestyle?  Am I even doing it right?  These are more questions than answers, but I am challenged by this blog post.   What does it mean to live a life “that actually challenges my comfortable … lifestyle and propels me more often into the world of people’s hurt, pain, need, and lost-ness that Jesus engaged daily”?

I agree with Roger’s comment about building mission into the discipleship process:

However, I also sense the need to bring this type of ethos into the discipleship process so that I am being discipled into a radical, missional, Jesus-following life and discipling others in the same vein.  I believe a healthy, fathering/mentoring discipleship chain is essential to Christians living full-of-life, dynamic, intentional, intimate, purposeful, kingdom lives that propel us out of our cultural sloth.

All in all, I agree 100% with his conclusion:

I am re-imagining simple church that places a whole-life, missional, counter-cultural, Jesus-following ethos at the very center of its gathering and intentional discipleship processes.

May we all endeavour to this model – whatever stream of Christianity we are swimming with!

Report on Preaching at the Christian Mission

Last night I spoke at a Christian Mission church about the baptism of the Holy Spirit…. it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I was invited to speak by the assistant pastor, who I befriended while I was in Tampa. We were talking about several things including prophecy and hearing the Voice of God … he invited me to speak to his church about prophecy and then to prophesy to the congregation, but when we really got to planning it, we decided that I could speak on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as it is the empowerment for the gifts of the Spirit in any case… I carried Jason, one of the guys from my church.

It was sooo cool! I had asked the Lord what he wanted to say to the group (it was the church’s prayer group) and I got Joshua 14:6-13, where Caleb was claiming his inheritance within the Promised Land. He was 40 years old when he, Joshua and the other ten spies were sent to scout out Canaan, and is now 85 years old, but is still “as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.” (vs 11 – NIV) He calls for his inheritance – “Now, give me this mountain….” (vs 12, KJV) which is populated by giants “the Anakim (KJV) and he’s going specifically to drive them out – at 85!

God was telling the church that they are not to old to serve God by being empowered by his Spirit to wage war against the enemy… God kept him strong and fit for 45 years so that he could get his inheritance. I then started to speak on the Promise of the Holy Spirit (John 14:14-17, 26), the Purpose of the Spirit (Luke 24:49), the Power of the Spirit (Matt 28:19-20 and Mark 15:15-18) and the Presence of the Spirit (Acts 2:1-4)

Then the fun started!

I prayed for my friend who had invited me to the church to speak. He has a bad shoulder – if he wants to raise his arm he has to lift it up by using the other hand. I tried to pray healing for his shoulder, raising his hand and trying to get it to stay outstretched, but nothing happened. Oh well, I’m one step closer to seeing a miraculous healing, right?

At first no one else was coming up… then Jason encouraged them, asking them what their purpose was. He challenged them to continue meeting with the purpose of prayer and seeking God.

One of the ladies then stood up and came to the front. I was asking God how to pray as I laid hands on her; as I was asking God how to handle this I thought about one of the Scriptures I had spoken about (John 20:21-23) where Jesus breathed on his disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit”. So, I did the same thing – breathed gently on her face and said, “Receive…” Did that a couple of times and then her eyes started to blink a bit faster, and the power hit her 🙂 She started to call on the name of Jesus and shake a bit … I told her that I would come back to her and moved on.

While praying for her, another lady in the congregation who was still in her seat, started to feel God’s Spirit on her as well, so I went to her and laid hand on her and started to prophesy over her…. I felt the word about Caleb was for the corporate body, but was also for her specifically… while speaking to her I called for a Bible and started declaring Isa. 61 over her, saying that she has been anointed to release captives and bind up the broken hearted.

I prayed for a young girl who I learned later was the last lady’s granddaughter. As I blew gently on her, I touched her head and watched as small tears trickled down her face. I hugged her and told her that I represented Jesus, and Jason piped up saying that she was loved. She hugged me tighter as the love of Jesus washed over her and as I broke off spirits of shyness and self consciousness.

I went back to the lady who was at the front and blew on her some more… she started to praise God and went down on the floor! I prayed for the pastor, calling for gifts of wisdom and knowledge. I started to sing a song by the Grace Thrillers “Thank you Lord, for one more year….” and quoted from Isaiah, as I told the church that the anointing allows me to proclaim the ‘year of the Lord’s favour’ and ‘the day of vengeance’ over them; I started calling the church into a season of warfare. As I was singing the song, the lady on the floor was reacting as I sang. Jason prayed for the pastor’s daughter as well.

As I was calling the church into warfare, I reminded them again of Caleb; that he was empowered to kill giants at 85, but that the baptism they have requested – the empowerment they were receiving – was not to be trifled with. I warned them that, like the parable of the talents, God would judge them for receiving his gifts and sitting on them. I mentioned that the baptism is not to jump up, drop on the ground and feel chills, but is empowerment for service.

After the service, the grandmother told me that the night before she went to a prayer and fasting service, where the preacher spoke to them about Caleb – saying that God was saying that they were ‘well able’ …. just like Caleb was telling the Israelites that they were  ‘well able’ to defeat the giants in Canaan when they had originally spied out the land.  Confirmation!

I enjoyed myself immensely seeing God work 🙂 I’m already planning to return and do more teaching and activations.  I know that God had done something there – because Satan wasn’t pleased – by the time I got home, I was sick!  I had a fever and an upset stomach…. some ginger tea and prayer made me right again, though …


Deliverance Testimony

Yet another testimony of God using the Internet to set another captive free! Bless you, Jesus!

aDiosa: The Doc is IN: Isaiah 43:25 says:
Lord you can show me what is going on in the spirit right now if you choose to
BajanPOET – Knighted by the King says:
I hear the word ‘Crusher’ – There’s a demon surrounding u called ‘Crusher’
he is a spirit of oppression and is sent to dissuade u and crush ur spirit
crush your hopes; crush the very life of Christ from you if he is able
I can type.  But you need to rebuke this thing out loud
I bind u, Crusher, in the mighty name of Jesus, the Christ.
The weapons of my warfare are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds
I renounce all verbal contracts I have made with this evil spirit of oppression
and I forgive with my mouth and will every person who has hurt me and rejected me recently.  I release them all from my heart
The Word says that I can pull down strongholds and so I pull this stronghold of oppression down in the mighty name of Jesus.
Under the authority of Jesus Christ I command Crusher to leave now!
I shall not die, but LIVE and declare the works of the LORD
The Lord has promised beauty for ashes and the garments of praise rather than the spirit of heaviness
I choose praise instead of despair and Crusher will no longer crush my spirit – GOD has given me joy for mourning and I choose HIM
Thank you Father for your deliverance
I also feel that you should start praising in tongues…. filling the atmosphere with the language of the Spirit …. Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered!
Let me know what’s happening as u pray that prayer
I’m not there to see, so I need u to help me
aDiosa: The Doc is IN: Isaiah 43:25 says:
i just crying and thanking God
BajanPOET – Knighted by the King says:
YES! Thank you, Jesus! Another victory for the KING and his KINGDOM!!!!!!!

Isn’t God AWESOME?

Joyful Maturation/ Blogosphere Food For Thought

I had a conversation with Kesha – my Dominican friend who I led back to the Lord via a prophetic word (Read about it in my blog post here. ) – yesterday. In our last conversation, she was having a hard time reading the Bible, I just gave her some encouragement and prayer. Now, months later, we hook up again online and she tells me that she is now worship leading and also leading a Bible class at her assembly! I felt so proud – like a dad watching his daughter growing up and taking responsibility for herself. Love you, Kesha!


Here are some links to some blog posts I’ve found really interesting over the past couple of days:

In all honesty, these posts have made me pause – *especially* the Fasting from the Lord’s Supper. Really. Hope these links make u think. A LOT.

Prayer Request: Finances for Tampa trip in April!

Just a short prayer request, for those of you who read my blog and have started to come here regularly –

I’ve been given an invitation to go to Tampa to attend the International Warfare Plus conference slated for April 17th to 19th, 2008.  For those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while, I went to Warfare Plus Ministries (headed by Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis) in Tampa, Florida last year for a deliverance conference. There I had personal deliverance as well as training in their School of Deliverance.

Now, Dr. Paul is inviting me back to Tampa, but I need to raise the money! Please pray with me that God leads me in ways to raise the plane fare … For those who don’t know, I don’t live in the USA – I live in the Caribbean, Barbados, to be exact (and no, it’s not a township in Jamaica!)

My request is for prayer … I know God is going to give me the money, just have to figure 0ut how I’m gonna get it. LOL  Thank you to all my lovely friends out in the blogosphere for helping me to walk out the prophetic words over my life by partnering in prayer with me.  Bless you!

The True Meaning of The Cross

I am putting a link here that I want people to visit. This website is so deep! It is Biblical teaching at its best. I’ve been reading things about House Churches and the Biblical fear of God…. but it was the teaching on THE MEANING OF THE CROSS that made me put up this blog entry. (The above link opens a new window.)

God sent his son who lived a perfect life and then, according to the plan of God, they rejected Him, whipped Him etc and God looked at all Jesus’ suffering at the hands of men and considered that to be payment for all our sins against Him.

That is heresy. The deepest form of heresy. You can be wrong about a lot of things but if you are wrong about the cross you are in trouble.

What? Our common conception of what happened on the Cross is heresy? What does the Bible teach about the Cross, then?

God‘s word says that if anyone declares the sinner to be right when he is not right is an abomination before Him. So if God declared you to be right when you were not right, If God simply forgives the wicked, He would become an abomination, according to His own word. He would become wicked. Imagine a judge sitting up there in his place on the bench, forgiving a murderer and letting him go. He would no longer be a just judge.

God is a just judge and God justice demands he throw men in hell

Therefore if God is a just God He cannot forgive… He must punish the wicked, That is the point of the whole Bible. All through the Old Testament we see animals dying.. it is symbol and type of the final and ultimate sacrifice.

More excerpts ….

Perhaps it is becoming a little more clear as to why God had to die. If he justifies the wicked person and declares the sinner to be righteous He, according to His own word, becomes an abomination. God can not simply forgive.

The law… God law demands that the sinner has to die.


Now the only way that God can forgive sinful men is if God who made the law and God who demands satisfaction .. comes down Himself and pays the penalty.

So what are we saved from?

When some one says they have been saved, the question to be asked is saved from what? Many people will say from sin. This is simply not true! Sin was an act you did. Sin isn’t going to throw you in hell. You have sinned, but sin is not a living being that going to judge you then throw you into hell.

What you have been saved from is not a what, it is a who.

    Much more then, being now justified by his blood, shall we be saved from the wrath of God through him. Romans 5:9. [Emphasis Added]

You have been saved from God. God is the judge of all the universe. YOU have sinned and made yourself an enemy of God. So when you stand before Him, He will judge you and throw you into hell.

Wow…. really…. never looked at it like that…. that’s – well, that’s true! ouch.

So we realize we have to be saved from God and His punishment, but how is that punishment to be done away with? When Jesus was dying on the cross it was not the nails in His hand, or the crown of thorns or the Roman spears that save you. The suffering that men heaped upon Jesus is not that which pays for the crime. God did not look on that suffering and okay Good Enough!. What paid for your sin is written in Isaiah 53:10 and 12

    Yet it pleased Jehovah to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of Jehovah shall prosper in his hand.

Usually when you hear a sermon or preaching on Isaiah 53, it usually centers around verses 3,4,5, and six, which talk about the suffering heaped on Jesus by men. Very rarely do you hear about Isaiah 53:10.

    It pleased the Lord to crush Him.

    Isaiah goes on to say

    “…[He] was numbered with the transgressors; Yet He Himself bore the sin of many, And interceded for the transgressors.” (Isaiah 53:12)

So how is the Cross the way of salvation?

How is it that that cross saves you? Because Jesus bore on the cross all the sin that God hates. The sin of all God’s people, from the first man ever saved on the face of the earth to the last man ever saved on the face of the earth was placed on His son.. the sins of all of God’s people. Everything that should be poured out on sinful creatures through out eternity, God throws down on His only begotten Son in a matter of moments. Crushes Him under the weight of His own justice.

When Jesus said let this cup pass from me, people think it because He did not want to go to the cross. They usually imagine it was the physical agony that He did not want to go through…

No, Jesus wasn’t thinking about nails in His hand, about spears and crowns of thorns or Roman soldiers. He was thinking about the fact that He had never been out of the Father’s bosom. That He had never been separated from His Father and now the Father was about to turn His face away from His Son. The Father did not turn His face away because He did not want to see His son suffering, He turned His face away Because His son had become detestable. Which is why Matthew 27:46 tells us..

    “About the ninth hour [3:00 PM] Jesus cried out [quoting Psalm 22:1] with a loud voice, saying, ‘Eli, Eli, Lama sabachthani?’ that is ‘My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?'”

You and I deserved to be crushed with the hammer of justice, to be crushed under God’s wrath. But in order to save us He was crushed under His own wrath. That is what the Cross is. That is what it means. If you ever fully realize what happened that day, it will affect you for the rest of your life. You will never be able to get away from it.

Wow. Lord, Jesus…..

And so, the conclusion:

And if the day comes that you stand before this Holy God who is about to pass judgment on you without having your sins paid for by His Son, then be afraid, be very afraid, as the wrath which made Jesus say ‘let this cup pass from me’ is about to descend on your shoulders.

Remember that when you hear about Jesus dying for you, you know now that it is more than just some whips. While one cannot possibly depreciate the physical suffering it was nothing compared to the Son of God being crushed by His own Father. Comparatively those whips were nothing. And when He cried out “It is Finished” that meant ‘Paid In Full’. If you are a Christian, God can never pour out His wrath on you. It is impossible because His son drank it. It does not exist anymore. There is no more punishment left for you. But if you are not a Christian you don’t even want to know what awaits you..

Why did Jesus die on a Roman cross? He died for the sins of ungodly mankind, to save us from the wrath of God, and to make peace between us and God. “Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ…” (Romans 5:1).

It was a long post… and there’s much more to that article…. but … I’m speechless.

If you are reading this right now, and you have been impacted by these excerpts, or this article, and you don’t yet know Jesus – if you would like to escape God’s wrath and become a positive son of God because Jesus paid your price in full…. say this prayer with me.

Father God, I recognize now what you have done in the Cross. I acknowledge that I have sinned and deserve your punishment. However, I recognize that Jesus has paid for my sins with his own blood… and all I have to do is receive him. I turn away from my sins now, and accept what Jesus’ blood has bought for me – my life! I repent of my sins, and say to you, “I want to be a new creature in Christ.” Thank you Jesus! Amen

If you have prayed this prayer…. respond to me by posting a comment. If you have been impacted, share the site with others.