Deliverance Testimony

Yet another testimony of God using the Internet to set another captive free! Bless you, Jesus!

aDiosa: The Doc is IN: Isaiah 43:25 says:
Lord you can show me what is going on in the spirit right now if you choose to
BajanPOET – Knighted by the King says:
I hear the word ‘Crusher’ – There’s a demon surrounding u called ‘Crusher’
he is a spirit of oppression and is sent to dissuade u and crush ur spirit
crush your hopes; crush the very life of Christ from you if he is able
I can type.  But you need to rebuke this thing out loud
I bind u, Crusher, in the mighty name of Jesus, the Christ.
The weapons of my warfare are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds
I renounce all verbal contracts I have made with this evil spirit of oppression
and I forgive with my mouth and will every person who has hurt me and rejected me recently.  I release them all from my heart
The Word says that I can pull down strongholds and so I pull this stronghold of oppression down in the mighty name of Jesus.
Under the authority of Jesus Christ I command Crusher to leave now!
I shall not die, but LIVE and declare the works of the LORD
The Lord has promised beauty for ashes and the garments of praise rather than the spirit of heaviness
I choose praise instead of despair and Crusher will no longer crush my spirit – GOD has given me joy for mourning and I choose HIM
Thank you Father for your deliverance
I also feel that you should start praising in tongues…. filling the atmosphere with the language of the Spirit …. Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered!
Let me know what’s happening as u pray that prayer
I’m not there to see, so I need u to help me
aDiosa: The Doc is IN: Isaiah 43:25 says:
i just crying and thanking God
BajanPOET – Knighted by the King says:
YES! Thank you, Jesus! Another victory for the KING and his KINGDOM!!!!!!!

Isn’t God AWESOME?


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