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I had a conversation with Kesha – my Dominican friend who I led back to the Lord via a prophetic word (Read about it in my blog post here. ) – yesterday. In our last conversation, she was having a hard time reading the Bible, I just gave her some encouragement and prayer. Now, months later, we hook up again online and she tells me that she is now worship leading and also leading a Bible class at her assembly! I felt so proud – like a dad watching his daughter growing up and taking responsibility for herself. Love you, Kesha!


Here are some links to some blog posts I’ve found really interesting over the past couple of days:

In all honesty, these posts have made me pause – *especially* the Fasting from the Lord’s Supper. Really. Hope these links make u think. A LOT.


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  1. Wow…glad my simple musings have received such an honor! Blessings and I am touched that you were touched.

  2. Man, I wasn’t just touched… I was STUNNED. I literally stared at my computer screen saying “Wow…. I’m …. speechless” and if you knew me, me being speechless says a lot lol 😀

    The interesting thing is that I was going to devote an entire blog entry to this post, but I just couldn’t put into words what it made me feel. I’m part of a house church, and so we think about the Lord’s Supper pretty inclusively already, but … it really made me think about how I was brought up – “if you believe in Christ, come and take the Lord’s Supper, if you don’t….”

    In my small Nazarene church, there was a physical shifting, as people who weren’t taking the Lord’s Supper moved to the back of the building and the ones participating went to the front. It wasn’t even necessary – the building wasn’t a big one… the extra walk would’ve probably helped out the ushers a bit lol (I could laugh, I was one of them!) But the sheer *concept* of not stopping people from coming to Jesus’ table hit me straight between the eyes….

  3. Wow…they physically divided the room? Imagine Jesus sending Judas and possibly Peter to the far side of the upper-room while he served the others?

    I am honored to have planted a “thought-virus” into your system…may it do its work of restoration in your life. I know it has mine!

  4. Thanks for linking me! God has and is and will always be sooo good. In the US we have been taught to be a prideful people, dying to ourselves is something we conscientiously have to do. I try to remind my class, and my readers often that we have a choice..the cross or this world…we all know if honest that this world doesn’t work, But the power of the cross will always be strong. Do you know what I mean? Christ followers have to be honest with God, or what is the use? Love you my brother, and I am praying for you, and your support for Tampa.

  5. Darla – yeah that’s the truth… pride is such a killer… my closest friends always talk about my brutal honesty before God – I may lead a church, but THEY know ALL my sins as well as how God’s helped me to overcome them. It is a little embarrassing for them sometimes how candidly I talked about my struggles with porn and masturbation…. but if I can’t be real with them, who can I be real with? I had a friend say at my wedding that I wouldn’t know a lie if it came up to me and slapped me in the face – I wouldn’t go THAT far, but I strive to be as honest as I can …

    Jeromy – I’m looking for more thought viruses 🙂 I pray it infects more people – I definitely plan on infecting my church with it 😉 lol

  6. my husband has struggled with the same, and the healing is in the brutal honesty..the King has you covered! I love that there is no shame in HIS presence…and if I were to try to hold on to the shame, it is gone the instant that HE touches my face and lifts my head…HE is an incredible awesome God! Love you man! Praying for you…run the race to win!!

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