Report on Preaching at the Christian Mission

Last night I spoke at a Christian Mission church about the baptism of the Holy Spirit…. it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I was invited to speak by the assistant pastor, who I befriended while I was in Tampa. We were talking about several things including prophecy and hearing the Voice of God … he invited me to speak to his church about prophecy and then to prophesy to the congregation, but when we really got to planning it, we decided that I could speak on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as it is the empowerment for the gifts of the Spirit in any case… I carried Jason, one of the guys from my church.

It was sooo cool! I had asked the Lord what he wanted to say to the group (it was the church’s prayer group) and I got Joshua 14:6-13, where Caleb was claiming his inheritance within the Promised Land. He was 40 years old when he, Joshua and the other ten spies were sent to scout out Canaan, and is now 85 years old, but is still “as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.” (vs 11 – NIV) He calls for his inheritance – “Now, give me this mountain….” (vs 12, KJV) which is populated by giants “the Anakim (KJV) and he’s going specifically to drive them out – at 85!

God was telling the church that they are not to old to serve God by being empowered by his Spirit to wage war against the enemy… God kept him strong and fit for 45 years so that he could get his inheritance. I then started to speak on the Promise of the Holy Spirit (John 14:14-17, 26), the Purpose of the Spirit (Luke 24:49), the Power of the Spirit (Matt 28:19-20 and Mark 15:15-18) and the Presence of the Spirit (Acts 2:1-4)

Then the fun started!

I prayed for my friend who had invited me to the church to speak. He has a bad shoulder – if he wants to raise his arm he has to lift it up by using the other hand. I tried to pray healing for his shoulder, raising his hand and trying to get it to stay outstretched, but nothing happened. Oh well, I’m one step closer to seeing a miraculous healing, right?

At first no one else was coming up… then Jason encouraged them, asking them what their purpose was. He challenged them to continue meeting with the purpose of prayer and seeking God.

One of the ladies then stood up and came to the front. I was asking God how to pray as I laid hands on her; as I was asking God how to handle this I thought about one of the Scriptures I had spoken about (John 20:21-23) where Jesus breathed on his disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit”. So, I did the same thing – breathed gently on her face and said, “Receive…” Did that a couple of times and then her eyes started to blink a bit faster, and the power hit her 🙂 She started to call on the name of Jesus and shake a bit … I told her that I would come back to her and moved on.

While praying for her, another lady in the congregation who was still in her seat, started to feel God’s Spirit on her as well, so I went to her and laid hand on her and started to prophesy over her…. I felt the word about Caleb was for the corporate body, but was also for her specifically… while speaking to her I called for a Bible and started declaring Isa. 61 over her, saying that she has been anointed to release captives and bind up the broken hearted.

I prayed for a young girl who I learned later was the last lady’s granddaughter. As I blew gently on her, I touched her head and watched as small tears trickled down her face. I hugged her and told her that I represented Jesus, and Jason piped up saying that she was loved. She hugged me tighter as the love of Jesus washed over her and as I broke off spirits of shyness and self consciousness.

I went back to the lady who was at the front and blew on her some more… she started to praise God and went down on the floor! I prayed for the pastor, calling for gifts of wisdom and knowledge. I started to sing a song by the Grace Thrillers “Thank you Lord, for one more year….” and quoted from Isaiah, as I told the church that the anointing allows me to proclaim the ‘year of the Lord’s favour’ and ‘the day of vengeance’ over them; I started calling the church into a season of warfare. As I was singing the song, the lady on the floor was reacting as I sang. Jason prayed for the pastor’s daughter as well.

As I was calling the church into warfare, I reminded them again of Caleb; that he was empowered to kill giants at 85, but that the baptism they have requested – the empowerment they were receiving – was not to be trifled with. I warned them that, like the parable of the talents, God would judge them for receiving his gifts and sitting on them. I mentioned that the baptism is not to jump up, drop on the ground and feel chills, but is empowerment for service.

After the service, the grandmother told me that the night before she went to a prayer and fasting service, where the preacher spoke to them about Caleb – saying that God was saying that they were ‘well able’ …. just like Caleb was telling the Israelites that they were  ‘well able’ to defeat the giants in Canaan when they had originally spied out the land.  Confirmation!

I enjoyed myself immensely seeing God work 🙂 I’m already planning to return and do more teaching and activations.  I know that God had done something there – because Satan wasn’t pleased – by the time I got home, I was sick!  I had a fever and an upset stomach…. some ginger tea and prayer made me right again, though …



2 Responses

  1. that was fun! let’s do it again!!

    increase, Lord, increase!! and may we be faithful to your call in the small and the big!

  2. oh…and people! he forgot the part where God provided for him out of the blue!!

    or will you do another blog on that, Robert? lol – God is GREAT.

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