More Testimony from the Christian Mission

God is awesome!

I went back to the Christian Mission last night to speak on the Gifts of the Spirit. I gave examples of the empowerment of believers in the Old Testament (Bezalel and Oholiab – Exodus 31:1-7 (craftsmanship); Joseph – Gen. 40, 41; Daniel -Dan. 2:24,27-45 (dream interpretation); even King Saul (1 Sam. 10:10) and King David (1 Sam. 16:13) I mentioned the difference between the Old Testament’s view of empowerment and the New Testament’s: in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit ‘came upon’ select individuals – sometimes only for brief moments to accomplish certain tasks, whereas in the New Testament, the Holy Spirit came down and remained: starting with Jesus, (John 1:32-34) and then on the Church (Acts 1:5, 8; 2:1-4).

I mentioned the result of this empowerment (Mark 16:17-18) and spoke about one way that the gifts were received – the laying on of hands (Acts 8:17; 19:6; 1 Tim. 4:14)

I then spoke about some of the gifts in Scripture – Rom. 12:6-8 and 1 Cor. 12:4-11… and went on to tell my own story about how I was introduced to the gifts and started to operate in them (ask nicely and I might put it in another blog post!) From there I mentioned 1 Cor. 13, and used it to speak about love as the chief motivator for the gifts: no love, gifts lose significance.

And, like I say: then the fun started!

I told everyone what I always say: God can’t drive a parked car. He requires our particpation and willingness in order to work in our lives. I encouraged them to let down their guard, believe God and step out in faith.

Laid hands on one lady, and just quietly started to ask the Holy Spirit to come. As my hands started to get warm, she started to shake and praise. I was encouraging her to listen to see if she heard any ‘gibberish’-like sounds in her mind and to say them out in faith – but honestly, I just released the Lord to do whatever he wanted…

Prayed for another lady and prophetically spoke the teacher gift into her life – I told her I saw a shovel, and it spoke to her digging into the word of God and finding nuggets that were to be meditated on personally and then taught. I laid hands on her and prayed it into her life. Yet another lady was prophesied to about asking the Lord for what she wanted.

I went to a young lady, Maria, and reminded her that when I was there last I had told her that I f felt God wanted to start her off with tongues… I told her that her gifts center around her mouth, around speaking. I laid hands on her and prayed in tongues, encouraging her to speak out – she started to mumble softly, I could barely hear her. When I asked, she told me that it was there, but it was only coming out in mumbles. I kept praying for a bit, and prayed against shyness, and self consciousness, and then I told her to just keep practicing, keep asking God for more.

Prayed for the pastor’s daughter – she said she didn’t feel anything when I prayed; I said that you receive by faith, not merely by feelings. However, I did pray for her to be used in evangelism. I went to the pastor and started to pray that the Holy Spirit would fill him – started to see chains breaking, so I cut off hinderances and blockages that were stopping him from moving forward. I prayed that God would give him more authority even in evangelism and I started prophesying that God set him free from the things in his life that no one knew about, but that he was struggling with.

I prophesied to the entire body then, reminding them of their call to warfare … I told them that they needed the empowerment of the Spirit and exercising their gifts to be impactful in the community and I found myself breaking off words spoken against the assembly about irrelevance. I said that they were called to go out into the community and reach the lost.

I prophesied to the oldest member of the church – a lovely 90 something year old lady (the mother of the guy who invited me: saw her at about 6 years old or so, running through the canefields… the Lord was reminding her he still saw her as that child, still saw that joy within her, even if old age has taken away mobility and physical strength. I told her she should continue to pray for everyone, because everyone needs a praying mother.

Then we started to worship as I finished that time of prayer… and a guy slipped in the back from outside. We had just finished doing what I call a ‘Victory chant’ using Psalm 47:1 I would call out “Clap your hands all ye people….” (everyone would clap as loud as they could) “… and shout unto God with the voice of triumph!” (and everyone would shout out to the Lord in praise at the top of their lungs!) I had to coax them to break out of their sleepiness and shout! During that prayer time, the lady who was told to ask God for what she wanted spontaneously started to shake and cry out while in worship – I was like, “Finally!” 🙂 – I went and prayed with her some more.

Anyway, the guy who came in went further up to the front of the church, where he was met by the assistant pastor. David spoke quietly to him while we worshipped – and then said he had come to give his life to the Lord! WOW – talk about prophetic confirmation about reaching the community! David led him to the Lord, the pastor prayed for him, and then I felt led to pray for him as well – I sensed addiction to alcohol and nicotine, so I asked him if he used to drink. He said, “Yes,” and I broke the spirits of addiction to nicotine and liquor off him… GOD IS GREAT! He knelt on the floor when I was praying for him, and I believe he’s now free.

The first lady – her name is Shontell – came up to me afterwards and she told me that she was the one I was referring to when I said that someone was called to go out into the community – she said that she has had dreams that always came true, and that even before she came back to the Lord that a lady had told her that she was called to prophesy. She’s asked me to keep her on her prayer list, and she said she needs Bible study too… I felt like this is ‘my church’, in a sense… that the Lord placed me here to assist them … so I’ll be back!


3 Responses

  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks.

    Jason Whitmen

  2. whoa…that was smthg else!!

    Keep sowing, dude! Keep sowing those prophetic words into that community.

    Y’know, as socially-oriented as our local government is, the REAL agents of change are us in the Body of Christ. House church, “regular church”, whatever, there is a “church within a church” of those who are willing to pay whatever price it may be to see His Kingdom come to earth…

    Fortunately, the “sleeping giants” are awakening…I seeing the future, and it makes me smile…cuz we living an “eternal lifestyle”.

    Amen! Ttyl.

  3. Oh – I should put a plug in for our blog –

    Check it out – leave a comment.

    Shameless Advertiser over and out. lol

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