Interesting Kingdom Websites II

You know, I realize that the #1 top post for months now on my blog is the one where I just had nothing to say! ūüėĬ† I can’t believe it!¬† All I did was list a couple of my favourite websites.¬†¬† So, I thought I’d add to that list (curse you, shameless blog stats!)

A couple more of my favourite websites – now not just limited to the prophetic/supernatural, are:

  • In Plain Site (no, not a typo!) – this is the deepest website on Biblical matters I have found!¬† My blog contains a link to this site that is my second most popular post since I started!
  • Simple Church Journal¬†– An informational website about house churches – also called simple or organic churches.
  • House 2 House¬†– Another website dedicated to house churches.
  • Paul D. Watson¬†– A new addition to my favourites list. Only read a couple entries so far, but it’s good stuff here.
  • Ministering -A part of a network of websites dealing with deliverance. Check out the website’s blog (and no, although the author’s name is also Robert, it’s not my site!)
  • The Deliverance Ministry¬†Blog is another new website – testimonies of actual deliverances! I’ve recently added one, so you can check it out. It’s another site linked to the one above.
  • Great Bible Study – And this website lives up to its name!¬† This is another deep website!¬† It has a lot of Biblical material – including information about deliverance.¬† It’s the last of the series of websites I can find from the Ministering Deliverance network above.
  • Overcomer – my friend Darla’s blog… interesting, funny, deep spiritual insights.¬† I have her on my homepage so that I can be updated as soon as she adds anything.
  • inProgress – another friend on the blogosphere.
  • A Mending Shift – Another one of the websites that made it onto my personal Google homepage so that I can be updated – very, very good stuff here.

Ok, that’s enough for now! (Ok, I admit, I’m not at home – I’m in Tampa on my aunt’s computer, so I don’t have access to my bookmarks on my home PC…. ) Seriously though, check out these websites and have fun!


Authority Given, not Imposed

On the blog Subversive Influence, Brother Maynard commented that¬†“authority is given through relationship by those over whom it is held, not mandated from above by position.”¬†¬† That succintly describes my own thoughts on authority and accountability, as I have been having random discussions about the topic with a pastor who questions the accountability and authority structures within the house church movement.¬† He said to me that when a proponent of the house church was challenged on these accountability and authority issues that he could not give a theologically sound response.¬†

My take on this is, having been a member of a house church for many years, I am still seeing accountability and authority work in practice because of the relationships that are formed within.¬† It really doesn’t matter what stream of Christianity you follow, you are under authority because you choose to be, and whether that authority comes from ‘above’ or not, there is an implicit relationship that is there between the one under authority and the one to whom authority is given – otherwise, there is abuse.¬† I choose to submit to the authority of my leaders and my peers, who have the permission to speak into my life because of my relationship with them.¬† If you are within a ‘traditional’ church structure, you are under the ‘covering’ (hate that religious term!) of your leaders, not by virtue of their being your leaders, but because you chose to come under that authority by joining the church.¬† However, by choosing that,¬†you have chosen that relationship and have given authority to that leader.¬†

All in all, I agree with this quote.¬† I understand the pastor’s concerns, I think. He is trying to protect people from abuse – but in a healthy relationship of any kind, abuse is non-existent.¬†He is speaking to me about protecting people from a ‘spirit of deception’ and his not accepting “things across the board … until he is satisfied there is sufficient biblical evidence.”¬† To me, he’s questioning it because it’s different from established norms, so it must be viewed with suspicion until it can be validated.¬† The thing is,¬† God doesn’t always work in ways that can be validated by human reasoning¬†– even the Bible calls the cross ‘foolishness to the Gentiles’ (1 Corinthians 1:23)¬†

By the way: no sufficient Biblical evidence for the house church?¬† Every letter Paul wrote to he mentions something about the church that meets in this person’s house, or that person’s house…. I’m going to get one of my friends to help me with the biblical evidence that my pastor friend wants.¬† The fact that one person he tackled could not answer his questions does not invalidate the entire movement!


Thanks to all of you who prayed my family through this tough grieving process… my wife has been able to get a trip to Toronto for her cousin’s funeral (financial MIRACLE, yay God!) and I’m blogging from Tampa, FL… the children are home in Barbados being taken care of by family members.


I can’t talk.

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Missional: Thoughts

Interesting article at

I like this “short answer” quote as a definition of Missional:

What is Missional – A Short Answer “Jesus told us to go into all the world and be his ambassadors, but many churches today have inadvertently changed the “go and be” command to a “come and see” appeal. We have grown attached to buildings, programs, staff and a wide variety of goods and services designed to attract and entertain people.

“Missional is a helpful term used to describe what happens when you and I replace the “come to us” invitations with a “go to them” life. A life where “the way of Jesus” informs and radically transforms our existence to one wholly focused on sacrificially living for him and others and where we adopt a missionary stance in relation to our culture. It speaks of the very nature of the Jesus follower.”

—Rick Meigs

¬†I love that: missional is what happens when we replace the “come to us invitations” with a “go to them” life. ¬† That’s impactful to me – a “go to them” life.¬† Missional is not (or it shouldn’t be, anyway) the latest Christian fad or programme… it’s a shift in thinking – a way of life!
I am not one that likes labels, so I’m not really saying, “Jump on the missional bandwagon!”¬† I am saying, this is what the Church is to be doing.
A missional church will see themselves as a community or family on a mission together. There are no “Lone Ranger” Christians in a missional church.

  • A missional church will be a community where all members are involved in learning “the way of Jesus.” Spiritual development is an expectation.
  • A missional church will help people discover and develop their spiritual gifts and will rely on gifted people for ministry instead of talented people.
  • A missional church is a healing community where people carry each other’s burdens and help restore gently.
  • ¬†I long for the day that we can just say¬† THE CHURCH is …. and not be limited to or feel the need to label.¬† May we be more like this, whatever our stream of Christianity! The world needs us to engage it, just like Jesus did.