Missional: Thoughts

Interesting article at www.friendofmissional.org.

I like this “short answer” quote as a definition of Missional:

What is Missional – A Short Answer “Jesus told us to go into all the world and be his ambassadors, but many churches today have inadvertently changed the “go and be” command to a “come and see” appeal. We have grown attached to buildings, programs, staff and a wide variety of goods and services designed to attract and entertain people.

“Missional is a helpful term used to describe what happens when you and I replace the “come to us” invitations with a “go to them” life. A life where “the way of Jesus” informs and radically transforms our existence to one wholly focused on sacrificially living for him and others and where we adopt a missionary stance in relation to our culture. It speaks of the very nature of the Jesus follower.”

—Rick Meigs

 I love that: missional is what happens when we replace the “come to us invitations” with a “go to them” life.   That’s impactful to me – a “go to them” life.  Missional is not (or it shouldn’t be, anyway) the latest Christian fad or programme… it’s a shift in thinking – a way of life!
I am not one that likes labels, so I’m not really saying, “Jump on the missional bandwagon!”  I am saying, this is what the Church is to be doing.
A missional church will see themselves as a community or family on a mission together. There are no “Lone Ranger” Christians in a missional church.

  • A missional church will be a community where all members are involved in learning “the way of Jesus.” Spiritual development is an expectation.
  • A missional church will help people discover and develop their spiritual gifts and will rely on gifted people for ministry instead of talented people.
  • A missional church is a healing community where people carry each other’s burdens and help restore gently.
  •  I long for the day that we can just say  THE CHURCH is …. and not be limited to or feel the need to label.  May we be more like this, whatever our stream of Christianity! The world needs us to engage it, just like Jesus did.



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    1. Wow… I like that… “go and be” rather than “come and see.” And I agree… this is what the Church is to be doing. I’ve spent much time lately wondering why we do what we do… especially all the extras that just don’t accomplish anything but a sense of comfort in our traditions. We feel safe and secure in our boxes, but what a false sense of security this is!

      Let us be those sold out for Jesus, rather than our church buildings and programs. Let us be lovers of God and of People, rather than our traditions and belongings.

      Sorry… rambling a bit. 🙂
      blessings, and thanks so much for this post.

    2. YES! Ramble on, my dear.. .:)

      Lovers of God and People…. that’s the whole Gospel right there! 😀

    3. couldn’t have said it better, Bob. 🙂

    4. Hi Bajan…I’m part of the princess crew from Darla and Tams….we just lost Mom so I know how you’re feeling right now. Today is the memorial, tomorrow the funeral…I will be keeping you, your wife and family in my prayers…God is so faithful, He just loves us all the more when we go through these things….I just praise Him for who He is..that we’ll all be together soon…

      Your sis in Him,
      Debs 🙂

    5. Thank you very much Debs. *hugs* We need it right now.

    6. Hey Rob, just going to share some thoughts that came to my mind as I read this blog. Why are we even using our “go to” energy trying to organize or establish what God has already established? Let me dig in a bit more…Why are we spending so much time “sitting” analyzing what already is and will be, rather than using that ‘sitting’ time to listen to what God actually is saying specifically to us, for what we should be doing that very second? I tie in here the previous blog I read about the questioning of house churches, as though there is some kind of battle between structure or the lack thereof. Please don’t forget, for those who tune into Rob’s blog, that it is by the Holy Spirit that anything is done, it is by the name of Jesus Christ alone that we have any useable authority, and it is by faith we walk everyday. Lables or no lables, house church or no house church…we are all (those who believe) sent in one form or the other. My home fellowship in Barbados (Rowley & Vicki’s home) they were sent to the islands from the comfort of their home in the UK and I benefited tremendously from their obedience to the voice of God. The intention to protect each other, as mentioned in the previous blog can override our faith in God to work everything out for our good as stated by Paul. How about looking at it this way…those who are home watching tv, ‘GO’ to the building to hear God’s word, those speaking God’s word ‘GO’ to the building to deliver the word God has placed in their heart, those who are there listening at the building ‘GO’ to where God sends them as the word penetrates and activates their faith!

      What I can do more of, is listening to God for myself, to know where I should go and shouldn’t go each step of this way, ignor the ney sayers (even in the body) and have trust in my Father that He will work it out for my good because He loves me and I love Him.

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