Interesting Kingdom Websites II

You know, I realize that the #1 top post for months now on my blog is the one where I just had nothing to say! 😀  I can’t believe it!  All I did was list a couple of my favourite websites.   So, I thought I’d add to that list (curse you, shameless blog stats!)

A couple more of my favourite websites – now not just limited to the prophetic/supernatural, are:

  • In Plain Site (no, not a typo!) – this is the deepest website on Biblical matters I have found!  My blog contains a link to this site that is my second most popular post since I started!
  • Simple Church Journal – An informational website about house churches – also called simple or organic churches.
  • House 2 House – Another website dedicated to house churches.
  • Paul D. Watson – A new addition to my favourites list. Only read a couple entries so far, but it’s good stuff here.
  • Ministering -A part of a network of websites dealing with deliverance. Check out the website’s blog (and no, although the author’s name is also Robert, it’s not my site!)
  • The Deliverance Ministry Blog is another new website – testimonies of actual deliverances! I’ve recently added one, so you can check it out. It’s another site linked to the one above.
  • Great Bible Study – And this website lives up to its name!  This is another deep website!  It has a lot of Biblical material – including information about deliverance.  It’s the last of the series of websites I can find from the Ministering Deliverance network above.
  • Overcomer – my friend Darla’s blog… interesting, funny, deep spiritual insights.  I have her on my homepage so that I can be updated as soon as she adds anything.
  • inProgress – another friend on the blogosphere.
  • A Mending Shift – Another one of the websites that made it onto my personal Google homepage so that I can be updated – very, very good stuff here.

Ok, that’s enough for now! (Ok, I admit, I’m not at home – I’m in Tampa on my aunt’s computer, so I don’t have access to my bookmarks on my home PC…. ) Seriously though, check out these websites and have fun!


5 Responses

  1. hahahahahaha I love you! you totally made me smile today…praying for you and yours, and thanks for the prayers for me and mine! 🙄 Will check in later today!!! hahahaha I am still laughing…God is good no matter what is happening or making me rant! 😆

  2. I’m glad I made you laugh 😀 I’m looking forward to my Deliverance Conference…. And I’m serious 🙂 I love u, too…. not very many ppl make it onto my homepage! 😉

  3. MMM…Florida! that’s a place I’d love to be right now!

    We’re suppose to get snow next week – crazy!

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful day friend!

    And awww…don’t you just love Darlas smile!?

  4. Thanks for the honorable link. Isn’t funny when the posts we pour out our heart on go unnoticed and the ones we think no one will care about go nuts? Interesting, the blogosphere is.

  5. Yup. Very interesting 🙂 I just can’t understand it 😀

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