A wonderful weekend!

Had a wonderful weekend!  SHARP had a celebration on Saturday night in order to share a meal together, share the Lord’s Supper SHARP-style (remember the pizza on the beach, guys?) and renew our covenant we made with one another.  In the covenant renewal, we invited the three newest members of SHARP to make their commitment official by signing our covenant for the first time – just as we had done when we started our church two years ago.  It was a great day – fun, laughter and food, mixed with the serious re-reading and re-commitment to a covenant that was lovingly and painstakingly crafted when we first started to encapsulate who we are as a church and what we stand for.  I have pictures in my camera phone (my digital camera is with my in-laws!) and as soon as I figure out how to get them off of it onto my PC, I’ll be adding them to our Facebook page, and maybe adding one or two here on my blog as well.

On Sunday, I had a wonderful time again using the Internet to connect with people overseas, and praying with them, carrying them through a deliverance process.  One was quite unexpected – connecting with a new friend in Grenada via MSN who was saying that she felt as though she couldn’t save any money, that it was constantly slipping through her fingers.  I broke curses off her life and finances, as well as led her through repentance and renunciation of soul ties before leading her to command any demonic influences off her life – it was great! Demons left through yawns and tears – even a couple burps lol.  But now I believe she can save towards her trip to Barbados! I’ll wait and see what God does with her.

My planned session was a Skype call to St. Lucia, where I hooked up with my friend Diosa and we teamed together to perform a deliverance session for her friend.  That was great as well, with her friend being released from a familiar spirit of fear of death that was plaguing her for a long while, along with other things.  God was supreme, once again!  She said she’d never yawned so much in her life!

All in all, I had a wonderful weekend! I’m just blessing God for his presence in my life!


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