The Hand of God!

God’s been doing so much stuff over the Internet! I will post some snippets here, because posting entire conversations will make the blog posts too long:

My palms are hot again
Neasha says:
Neasha says:
the presence (of God)
BajanPOET says:
BajanPOET says:
u’re learning fast
Neasha says:
Neasha says:
i am
BajanPOET says:
I’m praying over u in tongues right now…. my hands are touching the computer screen….
Neasha says:
ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy goshhhhhhhhhh
BajanPOET says:
what’s happening? (As if I have to ask!)
BajanPOET says:
Neasha says:
BajanPOET says:
Thank you Lord!

I have just been praying with a friend of mine over MSN… after I laid hands on the computer screen and prayed for her, she felt God’s Spirit move…. and we’re in different countries!

I prayed for another friend of mine … this is what happened…

BajanPOET says:
I release his peace upon u… receive it… not just in faith, but filling u in your senses
Just as I did with Neasha…. I’m praying over u with tongues… with my hand on the computer screen
Just stop for a second and…. receive…..
Shalom: says:
yes Lord
your shalom
let it fill me now
ohh yes Jesus
BajanPOET says:
Do u feel his presence with u?
Shalom says:

God is just…. awesome!!!!!


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