Random Thoughts

Have just gotten back into the swing of things after being down with a virus for a week and a half.  I’m just grateful to the Lord for his provision for me. I got a week home from work when my body was screaming for rest – and I got it too, because the medication I was on was all sleep-inducing, so I couldn’t do much else other than crash out for the majority of the week!  The children were sick this week too – actually, the entire family seemed to come down with something this particular week.

In the midst of this, however, I was able to go through a deliverance session, and thank God the client was a quiet fellow not known for much boisterous behaviour!  The session itself was a quiet one, which was fine by me – I was still tired, and had to stop twice as I ran out of breath or my throat got too dry to continue…. but having help is good, and I had someone there to take over while I took a secondary role for a while, until I could get my strength back.

My birthday and Father’s Day went quietly for me – almost normal days… although I did get a surprise bottle of wine from my wife on my birthday.

I’m looking forward to hosting a couple who are now based in South Africa – Mike and Leona Cosgrove.  Mike was integral to my own deliverance when I was in Tampa last year, and since then he’s gotten married and moved to South Africa and started work there as well.  I’ve gotten my South African intercessor to get into contact with him, as she wanted more information about the ministry of deliverance herself.  So he should be here in July, and he’s consented to speak to my church, giving his testimony and what God has been doing since his relocation.  That promises to be an exciting time!

Also, there’s a Break Free Conference being hosted by Pastor Nicholls here as well – he’s invited Pastor Paul and Dr. Claire Hollis and their team back for another week of life-impactful meetings from July 6th – 12th.  I have seen this teaching revolutionize my own life, and I’m excited to see what God is going to do in Barbados while these meetings are taking place.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months, seeing the Lord catapult me into active service for him – this blog has been at once filled with accounts of how God has used me to set captives free, as well as being a meeting place where I have connected with some wonderful people, some of whom have become quite dear to me over a short period of time.  It has also been a place where God’s power has been in full effect – quite the expansion of God’s kingdom across the information superhighway!  I’m just in awe of how God can use any means of human interaction – real or virtual – for his purposes.


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