New Direction!


That’s the word I plan to use as my watchword this new year (both my wife and I had birthdays within this month – hers was the 21st.)  I came to a shocking revelation – it is SOOO easy to get busy doing the work of the ministry that you don’t realize that you haven’t connected to the person who has started the ministry in the first place!  As one person put it, putting the work of the Lord before the Lord of the work!

I realized that after I found myself not standing up against weaknesses and temptations in my life that I was running on ’empty’.  There was nothing there to fortify me against the enemy and my flesh.  I was so busy trying to get on the hamster’s wheel every morning – get up-get dressed-get out-go to work-go home-start again the next morning – that I didn’t even realize when my devotional time got sucked out….  in the middle of all of this there was serving the church and setting captives free in my deliverance sessions… no wonder my body craved rest! I didn’t realize it till this weekend, but that stretching myself thin had taken a toll on my spiritual health as well.

This weekend, on Lesanne’s birthday, I prayed for her and prophesied over her that God was saying “New Direction.” She’s gotten a cool new haircut, started putting on makeup again and generally decided that this year was not going to be like last year. (Wow, my wife is so sexy when she dresses up… <ahem> where was I? Oh yeah…)  When I felt God speak that over her, I took it for myself as well: we’ve been saying that we both have realized our lack of devotional time and so we prayed and made some decisions to get up earlier and read the Scripture together.

I’ve also realized that I don’t get as much spiritual connection as I need all the time… for the last couple of weeks I’ve been missing meetings at my assembly for different reasons, but without that connection things have been going out of whack.  So I am going to make a point to ‘not forsake the assembling of [myself] together [with the believers].’ I’ve made a decision to make sure I visit with at least one other church in my network every week.  I was even going to try to grit my teeth and go with my wife to her assembly more (she goes to a traditional charismatic assembly, whereas I assemble with a house church) even though  the different styles are like chalk and cheese to me – and sometimes the noise and shouting gets to me…

I realized also that I hate routine…. it bores me, and I crave change.  That being said, routine is a part of discipline, which I need to work at.  I’m a soldier in the army of the Lord, so discipline must become a part of my life so that I don’t waver in my duties.

I keep remembering what I was told by my spiritual dad – character and gifting work together, like a spear: the gifting would be the sharp point of the spear, but it is ineffective without the shaft, representing the character. The shaft gives the spear balance, which makes the point more effective.  I’m working at it, Rowley…

So I’m making changes… aiming for a new direction in my life, and helping to point my family in new directions towards Christ as well!


3 Responses

  1. excelente post, amigo.

    and it’s too true and a danger for men especially – we tend to naturally neglect things until it’s almost too late. like checking the oil/water in the car, balancing our checkbook/budget, making sure our wives/families are ok etc.

    i’m glad u’re taking steps to move fwd with your walk with Christ – and remember, EVERY aspect of ur life is important to Him and He knows the end from the beginning – so it’s important to stay on the VINE (John 15) and keep connected.

    i love that analogy of the shaft/tip of the spear re: character/gifting. one without the other is basically useless…and we see so many examples of that around us.


  2. Hey Brother! Love the compliments to wifey!!! I am sure she appreciates them!!!
    Find myself falling prey to the same busyness and no time for true genuine quiet time with the Lord.
    Between kids, two jobs, a night shift for one of them and 4 summer classes to boot. Stretched all around.
    God gives me the strength and grace through it over and over, I need to stay connected to Him for strength.

  3. yeah … it’s a constant battle Delia… we gotta fight it all the time. And as you say, connection to him is our strength!

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