Online Deliverance!

God’s been awesome – still blowing my mind away!  Just had another MSN deliverance session with a friend, who confessed that she didn’t feel as though God cared about her –  She was feeling as though when she prayed that God would ignore her.   Well, I had her renounce that lie, as we all know God loves us – right? John 3:16… Anyway, I had her renounce what she had been saying, as I explained that words have power and that whenever she said that God wasn’t ‘studying’ her (slang for not paying attention) that she was actually putting a curse on herself.

I had her pray a prayer of repentance and renunciation – repenting for her doubt and renouncing the curses that were over her life. I led her to accept what God has said over her (using Psalm 139 – “for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I know that full well…”) Then I led her to specifically command the spirits of Anti-Christ, Self Pity, Doubt, Fear, Abandonment, Fear of Abandonment and Rejection.  She told me that she felt a release… physically that she felt a “cool feeling right by my heart area.”  I led her to speak out the Scripture that “perfect love casts out fear” and we cast out Unbelief.  We accepted more Scripture references as to how God saw her. She said that she yawned three times straight after that.

I led her to command out any other spirits of Antichrist, Fear or Unbelief that were still there in her life – and she felt another release. And then, we prayed in the opposite – the Spirit of God to fill the spaces left by the enemy’s departure.  I prayed that God will give her the spirit of wisdom and revelation, I prayed that He would increase her faith… in fact, I prayed that God give her a supernatural faith.

I asked her to read Ps 139 to meditate on it – but she’d already started!  I asked her how she felt – I encouraged her that God loved her and would NEVER leave her… and I asked her if she believed that. She said YES!

Hallelujah! Yet another MSN deliverance! God is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Awesome stuff! God is not limited by distance, and I want to encourage you to continue your internet ministry. Thankyou for your kind comments concerning my blog. God bless you.

    Richard, Dudley

  2. Yeah, Richard… I’m still thanking God for his awesome power….
    I love to hear stories about God moving in our lives, and I’m just excited about what you’re doing in Dudley. Keep ’em coming, man!

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