Reminiscing – 1

For a couple of posts, l want to look back at God’s mighty hand in my life over the years.  I remember some supernatural events while I was in college, and I want to record for posterity the hand of God in my life.

First, some background:

I grew up within the Nazarene denomination – was in church for as long as I can remember.  I love God with all my heart, and at that time I was in everything! I won all the Sunday School competitions – learned memory verses, did Bible boxing, sang… everything.  It got so bad that no one wanted me to be on the other team when we were playing games: my presence was an unfair advantage to that team! I got convicted and came to Christ and was baptised at the ripe old age of 11.  All through secondary school I had a love for Christ, but struggled to fit in at school.   During my teenage years I tried to fit in as best I could, but I had rough days … contemplated suicide and stuff at one point.  But all that changed near the end of my secondary school life – I started going to ISCF. (Inter-School Christian Fellowship)  I finally had some people to relate to who liked me for me…..

When I left secondary school, I got accepted into the Barbados Community College (BCC).  I was still trying to fit in there when I was passing the auditorium and I heard the most beautiful singing… I was drawn inside, and I realized there were Christians there, worshipping the Lord.  I learened that this was the univeristy equivalent to the ISCF of my secondary school days – the UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.)  I immediately joined them in their circle.  There, I started the most intense fellowship of my life….


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