Reminiscing – 4

The best thing about my UCCF days were the retreats!  Every UCCF’er knows what I’m talking about…. young people in a remote location for a couple days (usually a week) to seek God and fellowship with each other.  And every retreat was a God encounter!  We met God in powerful ways every single year!

One staple of UCCF retreats for me was the protracted periods of worship! We’d start, and just sing and sing and sing …. until God would just come and break out among us! Take into consideration – we are from different denominations, with different belief systems, but ALL united in one accord under our love for Christ!  I can sooo relate to the Upper Room experience, where 120 disciples were in one place in one heart and mind, and the Spirit of God was released on the entire assembly!

There was one time when we were singing together, and when God came in, things just got wild! (As it often does!)  I can remember while worship was going on having spontaneous deliverances happening – one girl was curled up in a fetal position (she was one of the most composed people I know, naturally, so this wasn’t like her) as she was reacting to the death of her father years ago.  After she received prayer, one of the other girls, Kerrie – who had recently come to Christ – just spontaneously got filled with the Holy Ghost!  She was dancing a dance that some had said was one from Israel…. and her mouth got filled with ecstatic tongues – first French, then Spanish, and then some form of Aramic or something… (so said one of the most widely read girls in the room!)

That happened on a Tuesday.  The next day, Wednesday, Kerrie comes to me and says, “I want to worship!”  Me, I’m all for worship, so we go into the girl’s dorm with two other girls and we just start to sing.  After a while, people start trickling into the room… until every person at the retreat was in there (all 40 or so of us!) worshipping the Lord.  Then the presence of the Holy Spirit intensifies and as we dance, people fall out under the Spirit spontaneously!  (I can remember one time hearing a loud BANG – one girl had fallen out and hit the door, so she was sprawled out under the power of God, and the noise was the door slamming open and hitting the wall!)  The president of UCCF at the time, Natalie Roach, was like a doctor in an emergency ward – or like a policeman directing traffic! She was directing different people to ‘Pray for this girl here’… ‘Lay hands on this guy here…’, so although it looked like bedlam, everything happened in a Holy Spirit rhythm!

I remember seeing Lambert getting hit with the power of God, and he’s down on the floor, jerking periodically as though he’s being shocked!  I remember tongues flowing, spontaneous prophecies about grades – “I see “A’s”!” (A lot of the participants were going to do A’ level exams when school started back – and they did get A’s, a lot of them!)  I remember Graham begging to be prayed for, but Natalie was directing him all the time to go to this person and then the next…. it was just AWESOME….

Finally it died down… the heavy presence lifted.  I remember Dawn was asking, “Ok… that was wonderful! Who’s going to make lunch?”  It had felt like we were worshipping for one hour.  When we went outside – we were all stunned!

We had started at 11 AM.  It felt like it was one hour…. but actually, it was dark outside.  The clock was going on to 6 PM.  We were worshipping for SIX HOURS.


3 Responses

  1. THanks for the comment! I look forward to checking out your blog in the future too!

  2. That is amazing, and I’m jealous! I don’t know of anything like that here. Interesting to read about what God can do though! Thanks, jenny

    • sorry, Jen… the computer froze last night just as I was about to hit the “Send” button… I sent you another email this morning.

      Don’t be jealous, babe… 😀 Just more for you to seek God for!

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