Memory Mondays

I’m going to go along with some of the things I’ve seen on some of the other blogs I frequent for a while.  I’ve seen many bloggers create themes around their daily blog posts, and although I don’t think my shedule can handle a daily schedule just yet, I will endeavour to at least give a supernatural story from my days at college and or university every Monday…. let’s see how it goes….

I can remember one UCCF retreat where we were in another period of prolonged worship.  The manifest presence of the Holy Spirit was evident – most of us were kneeling, some crying and all singing.  The volume had been steadily building until it was a crescendo – forty young people all alone in this house, glorifying God.

One of the guys had spontaneously started to speak in tongues. Now for me, this was still all new, but by this time it was a joy to hear the ecstatic tongues coming forth from a heart of worship! But then, it happened….

His voice changed.  It wasn’t his anymore.  It got low, and gutteral.  I was in shock!  I turned, looked at him wide eyed and shouted, “What the hell was that?”  The guy manifested all on his own, became extremely strong and potentially violent.  He rushed away from the main room towards the bedrooms, and everyone started running in the opposite direction! Everyone, that is, except me and the girl I spoke about in my last couple of posts who had also been filled with the Spirit just two days earlier.

Now, I had never seen a demon manifesting.  I had only been exposed to the possibility of it through reading the Bible.   A lot of the other people there had grown up in Pentecostal assemblies and at least had been taught about possession etc.  So why are they the ones running in the opposite direction?  It never occurred to me to ask – I just acted. (There’s that child-like faith again!)  We ran towards him and started binding up the demon, and then some others came to help.  It took about six of us to pin the guy down, and a couple of us started to command this demon to come out in Jesus’ name.  The demons were stubborn, and wouldn’t move.  Suddenly, the gutteral grunts gave way to a cultured English accent!  The demon said his name was Nathan, and that he wasn’t coming out.  We commanded and bound, but he wouldn’t leave.  I got so mad at that demon at that point that I started pounding the guy on the chest, commanding him to leave! He started to say, “You’re hurting him!” but I responded with, “You’re a liar! Come out!” (Personal note – I wouldn’t hit anyone in my current deliverance ministry! I didn’t know any better at the time!)  🙂

While this was going on, the rest of the group was outside, singing about the Blood of Jesus.  One of the girls had the idea to anoint everyone there and pray for their protection.  They only had a small bottle of baby oil, that was only about half full when they started to pray.  After the room and about half the group was anointed, they realized that the oil was almost all used up!  They all gathered around that bottle and cried out to the Lord, “We don’t have any more oil, and we’re not finished! Please don’t let the oil run out!”  And then an amazing thing happened….  when they were pouring out the last drops of oil, and anointed another person – the oil was supernaturally replenished! The level of the oil in the  bottle rose back up to the same amount each time it was used up – enough to anoint three more people!  It kept doing that all night! We all clustered around that bottle after the deliverance session, just pouring out the oil time and time again just to see the bottle fill back up!   In fact, the oil supernaturally reappeared a year later as well, but that’s another story for another week….

By the way, we did not get the guy fully delivered that night, but we got him back to himself that night; he was delivered the next day in another power encounter at the church we went to after the Sunday service. (Yet another supernatural story for another time…)


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