New Life in Christ!

I just had to come and let the blogging community share in my joy!  “There’s a new name written down in Glory, and it’s mine, oh yes, it’s mine!”  Ok, well, it isn’t mine, but you get where I’m going…

I was speaking for a little while with a friend of mine, Clairmont Trotman, who I’ve been encouraging in the Lord.  I met him as I was asked to assist in a deliverance session a couple months ago. Afterward I was encouraged to follow up on him, as he had not yet found a church.  I decided to call him about three weeks ago, and we made arrangements to meet and visit with the rest of my house church.  We went to a lime hosted by one of our members last Saturday, and he got a chance to meet some of the church.

Tonight was supposed to be our men’s night – where the guys come together for accountability and male bonding time.  The other guys didn’t make it out, so it was just Clairmont and myself – but the Word says, “Where the two or three are gathered, [Christ] is in the midst.”  Isn’t that the truth!

We watched “Evan Almighty” – where a US congressman is selected by God to build an ark – literally! He was praying for God to help him “change the world” – and God certainly helped him do that! It was quite funny….

But this movie is impactful on so many different levels.  It really shows one man following his convictions even although everybody thinks he is crazy… including his wife!  He sticks to his guns – that God has called him to build an ark to save the people from a flood – and one comes, but not from rain…. (no, I’ve given enough spoilers – watch the rest yourself!)

After the movie, though, I asked Clairmont what he thought it was saying. I said, “Church started the time you got into my car: ‘where the two and three are gathered….'” He got quite emotional as he explained that he felt that the movie spoke to him about God’s imminent return, how there’s not much time left.  He spoke aobut his past sins and mistakes, and I told him that God can remove all of them – in fact, he already has through the Blood of Christ.  From a ‘secular’ movie, God’s Holy Spirit spoke to a young man, who knelt on my living room floor and gave his life to Christ…. but it gets better! I prayed over him and then read a passage from Frank Perretti’s book “Piercing the Darkness”, where the main character comes to salvation and the angels are shown to rejoice as Jesus himself appears to take her sins away.

We had a meal together – man I love my wife’s cooking – and we just had a good time relaxing… I told him about our church and showed him pictures of some of our members.  We talked about getting him a Bible – he doesn’t have one of his own – and then I quoted from Acts 2.  I was trying to give him a context of how we operate as an assembly at SHARP ( read Acts 2:41-47.)  I started to quote from the beginning of Acts 2, and while I was making reference to the Holy Ghost coming onto the believers in the upper room, Clairmont suddenly exclaimed, “I can feel the Spirit!”  I said “Great!” and immediately laid hands on him, praying aloud that as I read the Scriptures aloud over him that the Holy Spirit woud really get ahold of him.  I quoted the beginning of Acts 2 up until the believers had received the Spirit, spoke in tongues, and where Peter had quoted the prophet Joel. (Acts 2:14-21)

At that point I got expressly personal, putting Clairmont’s name into that prophecy from Joel, calling on God to pour out his Spirit on Clairmont… and watched as Clairmont started to shake! I told him if he heard any words that weren’t English in his mind that he should say them out – and he started speaking tongues immediately!  MAN!  How AWESOME is GOD???  We spent some more time as I kept asking God to fill up Clairmont in every area, and I found myself holding his hands and speaking the power of God into them! I rebuked the demons of suicide and death and commanded them out as well….

PRAISE GOD!  He’s all excited now, and he wants to get baptised…. I can safely echo Peter in Acts 10:44-48: especially vs 47, “Can anyone keep these people from being baptized with water? They have received the Holy Spirit just as we have.”  Just praise the Lord with me!


4 Responses

  1. Praise the Lord. Clairemont and you have divine intervention experience.

  2. Praise the Lord!
    Glory to God!

    Situations like this give me hope and truelly do remind me why I lay down my life day after day at the feet of Jesus.

  3. pkab – yes, exactly! Definitely a divine intervention! I’m looking for God to bring more of them into his life, as I sense he has the gift of evangelist… so I want God to begin to move in his life in the miraculous!

    Em – I know exactly what you mean 🙂 *laying down my life again at Jesus’ feet!*

  4. One word… AWESOME!!!

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