Supernatural Stories!

I missed my first Memory Monday! aaah! My job is starting to encroach on my blog life!  Anyway, let me tell you about some God encounters I had recently:

  • I mentioned my friend Clairmonte who has given his life to Christ – and was baptised in the Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time all on Friday night.
  • On Sunday, celebrated with my assembly as one of our own had good news after a cancer scare – but God moved miraculously setting her free from a demonic spirit of fear of cancer that had her paralyzed! She was able to move again after she commanded the spirit of fear to leave in Jesus’ name.
  • Prayed on Sunday for a lady who had a sore throat for 4 days. I laid hands on her throat, prayed for God’s healing hand to touch her and then commanded healing.  I cast out demons of pain and infirmity, and when I asked her how she was feeling, she said she was better. I went back at it, commanding a total healing, and she was completely healed! She joked that God had saved her $100, as she was going to see the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist the next day, but now she didn’t have to!
  • Felt drawn to another lady and asked if I could pray for her – she said that she was coming to ask me to pray for her, too!  Prophesied over her about her gifts, and then laid hands on her and prayed. Asked her if she’d ever spoken in tongues, and she hadn’t, so I laid hands on her stomach and prayed for rivers to flow from her belly. I told her she might hear words that aren’t English in her mind – and as I prayed in tongues over her she started to speak in tongues herself!  As I continued to pray, I had to ease her down to the floor.  She sat and allowed the Spirit of God to wash over her. After that encounter, I had a wonderful conversation with her and her husband, and we affirmed that God has linked us together – so we’re looking to pursue that relationship and see where it takes us!
  • Had a conversation with another one of my internet friends, Nahra, who was led by the Spirit to have some spontaneous worship and praise to God – and suddenly got a deliverance, all by herself in her house!  She contacted me all bubbly and joyous, and tells me that during the worship time, she started to groan all suddenly, and she didn’t have any control of it…. and then she was free.  Hallelujah! God is just…!

So a short post today, but I’m all excited at the God I serve!


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  3. […] Supernatural Stories […]

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