I just have to blog about the awesome connections I am having RIGHT NOW … because of my internet friends – and since the Lord has been nudging me about making connections with those who pray with and for me in my deliverance ministry more interactive, I have created a Facebook page and another area in my blog that is specific to my intercessors.  Within 10 minutes of creating these resources, I am in a 3 way MSN conversation between myself and two of my friends – one here in Barbados with me, and another in North Carolina!

It was so awesome! I was talking to Delia about exercise – she was mentioning that she wants to lose weight, and I was commenting that I find it hard to stick to it. She had just mentioned that she would pray for me, when another friend messaged me to ask for prayer because she is always unmotivated to exercise…

So now, we’re online right now chatting and getting to know one another…. speaking and praying and jelling together.   Isn’t God great?  I’m amazed at the speed at which things started to come together as I decided to follow the Lord’s leading and make the group more interactive!

God is just amazing.  In such a short time, I have made some deep, soul connections with people I have never seen face to face! Not only that, but I have cried for, prayed for and rejoiced with some of these same people as they have met challenges, and we have seen the awesome hand of God come through while we touched heaven together.  I am blessed to have been a part of the blogosphere! Long live the Internet!


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