Accountability and Public Confession

This post here at Clean Hands and Pure Hearts Ministries speaks to the power of personal, public confession.  It is a powerful post that speaks to the power of accountability.  Now, in my own life, I strive to keep myself accountable before God by volunteering information to my church and to my spiritual leaders – as well as to my intercessors.  It was interesting that even in a church where most of the congregation was in the 40-60 age group that the #3 most ‘popular’ things confessed were masturbation, pornography and sexual immorality.  It proves that a large cross-section of people at all stratas of Christianity stuggles with this.

What made me post this, though, was this comment:

Everyone is pretending.

Okay, not everyone. However I never would have guessed that this would have been the response that I would have gotten from that church. And I think it is a window into the state of the western church as a whole. And the greatest tragedy in not just that people that have been Christians for most of their lives are still dealing with elementary issues, but it’s the cause of it.


He goes on to add that people have been trained to put their best foot forward and pretend that they have it all together, but “they don’t know that everyone else is pretending too!” (my emphasis)  They are scared to be found out, scared to show their true selves…. I so agree.  It isn’t easy to confess to sin, especially to people who look up to you and hold you in high esteem.  It isn’t easy to do what the Bible says and confess to another, because so many are untrustworthy and do not do as the Scripture commands “…. and pray for one another, that you will be healed.”

He says it like this:

THIS IS NOT RIGHT! We are supposed to be the hospital where broken people come to be healed. NOT THE JUDGE AND JURY! The church is the very place where people should be running to be mended and nurtured and helped out of their pit. Instead, it has become the number one place where people fear to let their true selves be seen. We have to turn that around!

AND WE START BY BEING REAL OURSELVES! Don’t pretend to be perfect. If you’ve got issues be real about it. This will encourage and help others be the same. It will show them that they are not alone in their fight.

It is not easy for me to confess to my brothers and to my spiritual parents that I have fallen short and slipped up, but in the long run it is beneficial – not only for me, but for all those I myself minister to.  As a person involved in the prophetic and deliverance ministries, what I do in private does have an impact on my influence and effectiveness in ministry.

Heavenly Father, help me to continue to walk the pure line.  Thank you that I can be transparent, as I have found a group of people who will accept me and restore me without judgement.  Help me to help others be transparent as well, as I am already taken the advice in this post and strive to live a transparent life.


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  1. Wow, i feel honored that you would quote me. Thanks brother! I really enjoyed your post. Good stuff. I actually wrote that post during my lunch break at work. So i ran out of time before i finished writing it. I just finished it, you may want to go back and check the rest of it out.

    For anyone reading this, you can listen to the sermon from that morning here. Also i reallllly encourage everyone to read this testimony from Pure Life Revolution about public confession. It will rock your world.

    BTW – i’m somewhat new to this blogging world and don’t understand some of it. Could anyone explain to me what a blog roll is?

  2. No problem man…

    A blogroll is a list of blogs that you link to from your blog… like if you like my blog, u can add it to your blogroll and others who go to your blog will see the list of blogs u have added and can visit them… it’s like a links page on a website.

    I’m definitely going to check out the rest of that sermon and keep in contact with you; I like meeting new ppl!

    Welcome again – and enjoy the Hand of God! (ok, bad pun lol)

  3. okay, awesome. that does help.

    Now if i can just figure out how to add somebody to my blog roll than will definetely add you. I’m just not sure how to do that yet.

    Which is quite ironic because i am a graphic and web designer as well as promotion producer for a television network, and yet i can’t figure out how to add some one to a blog roll. lol.

  4. lol web designer, promotion producer for a tv network… lol wow… well, when u don’t know, then u don’t know. That’s what asking is for lol


  5. Got it figured it out. Thanks for the help. lol. You’re on there, my first blog roll person.

  6. LOL Great! 😀

    I loved the intimacy you promote on your site, man… Intimacy with God is what I strive for 😀

  7. haven’t told you lately that I love you! I DO..and your wife and children..praying and holding you up..immorality is a virus spreading around the world, and accept you? yes! you are my brother, and we fall down good for us we have each other to help us up, brush us off and move on..Praise God Thank YOU Jesus!

  8. Man that made my day! I love you too! I’m so excited to have you as a partner in Kingdom business!

    For real Eccl 4:10-12 makes a lot of sense to me…

    Haven’t seen you in a while 🙂 I’ll be emailing you in a bit 🙂

  9. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  10. Oh my word… I can’t believe that I missed your comment for such a long time… I hope you are still checking out the blog. Anyway, welcome to the Hand of God, even although this is a VERY late welcome!

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