7 years!

It’s not the same as the flurry about 08-08-08 that just passed, but still an important milestone for me! Today, August 18th, 2008, marks my 7 year anniversary to a wonderful woman – Lesanne!Β  She doesn’t read blogs or frequent the internet as much as I do, but I want the whole world to know how much I love her!

It’s not going to be a long post, as I’m at work and I still need time to get my poetic juices flowing (too much training will knock the poet’s muse from her rest!) but I just want to join Tam in declaring my undying love and devotion to my wife of 7 years today!


6 Responses


    7 is such a perfect number!!!

    congratulations friend!

  2. So happy for u brother Rob!!!!!!!!!!!
    I prayed for this day! With all of my heart!

  3. Tam – Thank you! Hope you had as good a time as I did πŸ™‚

    Tola – thank you for your prayers, my darling… I’m sure that the reason I had such a wonderful time had a lot to do with your prayers! Keep praying!

  4. Happy anniversary to you! sorry I am so late..but I do lift you and your beautiful wife up..you are both very precious to me!

  5. just realized that if I made one more comment..this would be the first time I hijacked a blog and didn’t try to.. πŸ˜†

  6. Thanks, Darla πŸ˜€

    Hijack away, my sister! hahaha!

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