Sobering Thoughts: Fall and Redemption

Had a post already typed up about Lakeland, Todd Bentley, local pastor Jippy Doyle and my own personal struggles with sexual sin… but a freak accident wiped my entire post from the computer when I was about to save it!

But this is what remained on my screen – a quote from a Boundless article called Fight Club

  1. Know your sin
  2. Fight your sin
  3. Trust your Savior

So, while my heart was heavy on what has been happening in the Body of Christ, I think that the Holy Spirit used (or caused?) a computer glitch to show me how to get over the flesh.

Thank u Jesus.


7 Responses

  1. I am so tired of watching the brotherhood of believers attack one another…it is very sad. As if anyone has a right to throw a stone. Sometimes I think so many forget that it is “by grace that we have been saved” My heart and prayers go out to the ones that have been decieved, and also to the ones who are under attack…because they also have been decieved…who among is above being decieved? We are in the age of seduction…we all need to pray and fight for our purity, and it is a fight…

    Father God, You are the only one who knows a heart, I pray for your forgiveness for your children to shine your mercy on all of as we seem to be stumbling around from the attacks of your enemy. Put it on every heart of your children that we are called to love, forgive and to live a life pleasing to you. Cause us to be quick to lay our sin on your altar, and fall at your feet so that we might lock the enemy out. Because we are yours, and your love is better than life to us. Take the bad the enemy deals to us, and make it good and something that will shine for your glory. Make us humble so that your will can be done through us. Your redemption and cleansing is what we fall on…Thank you for promising us that as we confess our sin , you are faithful and just and you forgive us our sin, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That is for all your children, there is no elite club in the one hurts we all should feel it. Help us to walk the light that you shine on us. We need you, desperate for you, and love you more each day, keep that fire growing, bless my brother and in your power overcome the enemy that attacks and accuses him day and night, the enemy is under your feet, and In Jesus Holy name strengthen Robert for the task you have for him, in your precious sons name, Amen

  2. 🙂 sorry didn’t mean to write a post of my own on your blog..

  3. lol I have NO problem with how many posts you write on my blog! I am SO encouraged by you – you can take over my comments section ANY day 😉

  4. Believers don’t have love anymore

  5. Well my answer is that you don’t have to follow the crowd. YOU have love – just make sure it is evident when people fall .. because they will.

  6. alot of believers don’t love like they should…but that is not all of us!

  7. Very true, Darla…. thankfully, not all of us!

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