Hearing God’s Voice: Realigning with Purpose

Today I’m hearing God speak to me through the blogosphere:  I’m realizing that he wants this time of seperation to be a refocusing, a realignment with purpose and vision. 

Here are some of the posts I’ve been led to this morning:

AjR says in his post “You ‘think’ you Know – You have no idea!” that Jesus was not defined by his birth (in a manger) or of what the people in his hometown thought of him:

“Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon? Are not His sisters here with us?” 


The people were basically saying, “Jesus, we know your whole family, therefore we know you… they’ve done nothing extraordinary, so who are you to think that YOU are going to do or become anything extraordinary?”

He was referencing Mark 6:3, and even with others’ negative view of Jesus, he knew who he was and what God’s purpose was for him!

Check out his last paragraph – pretty challenging!

Don’t box yourself in today! Don’t let others either!  Jesus just kept on going… and the people that didn’t recognize it, they missed out on some free food (see Mark 6:33-44). Today, you may feel like Joseph’s boy, or Mary’s girl. You may be Johnny’s brother and Sue’s sister. But you have a purpose today! Walk in it!

 Pur•pose: |ˈpərpəs|

• the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists
• a person’s sense of resolve or determination
• have as ones intention or objective

Also, Echoes Of Redemption challenged me to be ‘like Christ’, and challenged me with these words:

A few times, ministry becomes the soul focus of my life, forcing everything else out of sequence. When ministry becomes the god of the minister, the minister fails at ministry.

I’m definitely checked by that quote.  I must make sure that my time of seperation ensures that God alone is the one who gets my allegiance.  He also comments

“In God’s Kingdom it matters that I become more like Him. It matters that I am prioritizing Him above all things. I must be discontent with anything less than Christ.”

That’s my goal – to be discontent with anything less!

I am allowed to love what I do. God intended that. He probably even dreams of it. But above anything else I do, I am supposed to be like Christ. To seek first His Kingdom, knowing all these things will be added.

You mean I am supposed to like what I do? *phew* I thought I was becoming too happy in the Lord!  But with that being said, I am still supposed to seek the kingdom first! Lord, help me to balance properly!

UPDATE: Have to add this – this one comes from Pastor Tim’s blog – he’s speaking about ‘Christian Cursing’ and is talking about Paul insulting the High Priest in Acts 23:1-5.

In effect, Paul calls the judge a stinking hypocrite

This was more flesh than spirit

Correction, it was all flesh and no spirit

 Immediately after losing his temper and being thrown in jail – he is comforted by the Lord:

He did not need an angel He needed a Friend

Acts 23:11 ¶ But on the night immediately following, the Lord stood at his side and said, “Take courage; for as you have solemnly witnessed to My cause at Jerusalem, so you must witness at Rome also.” 

 He says nothing about the failure

Speaks to him about the future

But most importantly STANDS AT HIS SIDE right after he loses it

 Now that is one incredible God

Stands closest when we blow it most

 Now I needed that!!!!!!


Just had to post this: Being with Jesus

I regularly check out the Tag Browser in WordPress to see what people are blogging about that links to the tags I’ve put in my own blog posts.  Just came upon this particular blog which challenged me – I just had to let you know about it. Pastor Juan declares “Your Testimony is not Enough!”  and it made me stop when he said, “Instead of looking in the mirror practicing your testimony, kneel down and practice being with Jesus.”

He said that for years he was giving his testimony – in churches and personally… he said, “That’s what people do.” The church has been taught to plan the testimony and be able to tell it powerfully and communicate it to people, but he found that when he thought about it, “Gang members, drug dealers, and struggling families do not want to hear how ‘you made it,’ they do not want to really know that someone used to do drugs and now they don’t.”

He comments:

One thing I realized is this generation doesn’t need more people who used to do drugs, or used to disrespect their parents, or used to have sex and now they are Christian so they don’t.  This generation needs to be led by those who have been with Jesus. 

Ah! There’s the key.  He speaks about Acts 4:13 where Peter and John are in court defending themselves against accusations hurled at them because of the healing that they have performed – and they were viewed as “having been with Jesus.”  He continues, 

When people see me I dont want them to say that I was funny, smart, wise, talented, etc. My desire is when people see me they might be able to say, “Wow he has been with Jesus and I want that too.” 

I love it! He declares that the days of ‘relying on our testimonies’ are over  – and he challenges us by saying,

 Everybody needs the Lord, but everybody in the world needs to see that everybody who calls themselves Christian has an anointing and shows that the spirit of God is alive today, simply because they have been with Jesus. 

This blog is my way of sharing that I have been with Jesus. I share my supernatural stories here, not for entertainment per se, but as testament to the power of the God I serve.  I seek to be more with Jesus day by day, as I am nowhere near perfect.  Neither were any of the apostles – but they were with Jesus, and that made all the difference!

The Voice of God

I’m in a meditating mood; God is a good God!  As I have been reminded of, Jesus’ life paid for my ability to be forgiven.  I am standing on the promises of God.  I realize that God has spoken to me in so many different ways! Being prophetic, I’m accostomed to hearing his voice as an internal knowing, an internal voice in my thoughts.  I’ve realized that he’s spoken in the voices of my friends, in things I have read ‘by chance’,  in so many ‘little’ ways that if I was not observant I would have missed them.

For example, a couple random quotes from some blogs I visited for the first time today:

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened…I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  Matt. 11:28,29

 The way I like to be with God is just to rest in His presence.  I may speak for a little bit, but it is so much more enjoyable just to not say anything and to rest my heart in Him.  Many times when I begin to spend time with Him, I feel distracted and disinterested, still saturated in the world.  But if I ask Him to bring me into His presence, and wait long enough, He calms my mind and settles me in Him.  Then sometimes He will speak to me or reveal Himself to me.  This intimate time with Him has become such a pleasure for me, and the favorite part of my day. (God’s Girl – Resting in Prayer)

That spoke volumes to me – I think I need to get back to that … I feel a little too much like Martha and not enough like Mary sometimes.  Lord help me to settle in you more!

What takes change out of the reach of most people is the work the enemy does to mask how effective our small steps are so that we never get to the point our little choices compound into massive change.

It is our small choices, day in and day out that amount to the biggest changed. [sic] The couple in debt who locks up their credit cards. The single mom who joins a church. The guy addicted to porn who makes it a day without logging on. The gal who struggles with depression getting connected to a group of friends.

The problem is not solved. The mission is not accomplished. But a single step may be all God asks for the day. All He wants us to do for the moment. The beginning of something great. (EchoesofRedemption.com – What is the next step?)


“The Lord revealed to me that I shouldn’t view myself as a kid that’s going to fall but as a child of God that has been placed upon the rock of the Lord.” (The Ramp – Walking in Freedom)

I shouldn’t see myself as a failure, but as a child of GOD who has been PLACED upon the ROCK OF THE LORD – talk abut stability! (Thank you Jesus!)

Support has been pouring into me from all across the globe – and God has been speaking through it. I’ll tell you a funny thing that happened – a testimony worthy of being on my blog of supernatural stories!

I had told my friends that I’d not be online for a while as I seek God and work towards rebuilding and strengthening my intimacy with him.  I happened to check my email and I saw an email from one of them, saying simply ‘Jesus is in your boat.’  I went onto MSN to thank her for the email, but she didn’t know what I was talking about.  I told her that she had sent me this email, but she doesn’t know how it got there!  Now, isn’t God awesome? How *did* that email get into my inbox?  I surmised that she probably meant to send it to me as an MSN message, but accidentally sent it as an email instead…. but she swears she doesn’t know how it got there. She never sent me any emails…..

God can communicate through any means – be encouraged and seek him today!

Interesting Links on Various Topics

Linking to a couple blogs that made me pause…. read and comment (Each link opens up a new page!)

  1. From Eden to Zion – God’s Growing Anger at my Generation. (Well, not my generation, his… but you get the point.  I resonated with the message, regardless.
  2. Charismissional Articles – Why Charismissional; A Missional View of Healing and Deliverance; Prophetic Minsitry Re-Imagined, (Charis)Misssional Evangelism, Chrysalis: From Post-Charismatic to Charis-Missional
  3. Awakening Grace –  Raw Materials of the Church

Through the Charismissional articles I’ve been looking at robbymac’s website, Brother Maynard’s website and Kingdom Grace‘s website Also I’ve stumbled onto Jeff Paschall‘s blog.

There’s a lot of food for thought in these articles! 🙂

Come! See! Hear! Talk!

I have been rather neglectful of my blog for the past week or so… and I have resolved to make a point to update more regularly.  In fact, I may even give myself internal deadlines, like I do with my weekly newsletter to my intercessory team.

This blog chronicles God’s work in my life, mainly as it relates to prophecy and deliverance.  It is a personal journal/journey that I’m inviting all and sundry to participate in, as I know that “they (the believers) [overcome] him (Satan) through the blood of their testimony and the word of the Lord, and they do not love their lives as unto death…”

For those of you who lurk around reading my thoughts and what God is doing, I encourage you to participate! Leave a comment, use the social media buttons I recently put up (Digg, Technocrati, Facebook etc)  and share with me in the power and majesty of our awesome GOD!

Now let’s see… what has God done recently?  Well first, he’s delivered me from writer’s block! lol

I have had a deliverance session recently with a friend who was passing through the island for a weekend – she’s been delivered from spirits of grief and a spirit of miscarriage that was lurking around waiting for her to marry and try to conceive!  She’s now gloriously free of these issues! God is excellent!

Have been praying and seeking God for people on the internet for a while now, and it’s always great to see God moving in power over situations.  There are not always supernatural shivers – but always an awesome thrill to see answers to prayer.  There are depressions broken, joy released, powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit and demons expelled – all over MSN 🙂  And just as important – I have formed some of the strongest bonds of friendship through this blog! Hey Darla, Tola, Jennifer, Tam…. list goes on….  love you guys LOTS!!!!!!!

I have received a couple requests for prayer through this space, and since I have started to pray and release what the Lord had been saying, I have had the privilege of seeing people restored to right relationship with the Lord, empowered for service, released from bondage and just loving on Jesus!

So let’s exalt the name of the Lord together! Come in! See and hear amazing testimonies of God’s power and presence! Talk of the goodness of our God!