Just had to post this: Being with Jesus

I regularly check out the Tag Browser in WordPress to see what people are blogging about that links to the tags I’ve put in my own blog posts.  Just came upon this particular blog which challenged me – I just had to let you know about it. Pastor Juan declares “Your Testimony is not Enough!”  and it made me stop when he said, “Instead of looking in the mirror practicing your testimony, kneel down and practice being with Jesus.”

He said that for years he was giving his testimony – in churches and personally… he said, “That’s what people do.” The church has been taught to plan the testimony and be able to tell it powerfully and communicate it to people, but he found that when he thought about it, “Gang members, drug dealers, and struggling families do not want to hear how ‘you made it,’ they do not want to really know that someone used to do drugs and now they don’t.”

He comments:

One thing I realized is this generation doesn’t need more people who used to do drugs, or used to disrespect their parents, or used to have sex and now they are Christian so they don’t.  This generation needs to be led by those who have been with Jesus. 

Ah! There’s the key.  He speaks about Acts 4:13 where Peter and John are in court defending themselves against accusations hurled at them because of the healing that they have performed – and they were viewed as “having been with Jesus.”  He continues, 

When people see me I dont want them to say that I was funny, smart, wise, talented, etc. My desire is when people see me they might be able to say, “Wow he has been with Jesus and I want that too.” 

I love it! He declares that the days of ‘relying on our testimonies’ are over  – and he challenges us by saying,

 Everybody needs the Lord, but everybody in the world needs to see that everybody who calls themselves Christian has an anointing and shows that the spirit of God is alive today, simply because they have been with Jesus. 

This blog is my way of sharing that I have been with Jesus. I share my supernatural stories here, not for entertainment per se, but as testament to the power of the God I serve.  I seek to be more with Jesus day by day, as I am nowhere near perfect.  Neither were any of the apostles – but they were with Jesus, and that made all the difference!


4 Responses

  1. I appreciate the shot out and the challenge you felt. Keep blogging truth i like your blog.

  2. well the feeling’s mutual, Juan … I like your’s too! I’ll be there quite often 😀

  3. You and Juan are both absolutely correct!
    I think of it this way… if Christ intended for us as believers and disciples to go out and reap the harvest “merely” by our personal testimony (not that testimony is not important), then He would have probably done 2 things…

    1) Sent out His disciples to share their own testimonies, not heal people, cast out demons, and preach the Gospel.

    2) Commanded us in the great commission to do the same.

    A testimony of deliverance is a great thing!
    A testimony of Divine Communion is so much GREATER!

  4. For real AJR… I heartily concur!

    May we all have testimonies of being with Jesus to share!



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