Happy 1 year anniversary to ME!!!!!

WOW…. who would have believed it? I just checked my archives and just realized it – September 27th was my blog’s first birthday!!!!! What a bad parent…. I forgot! lol

Anyway, I’m just greatful to God Almighty that I’ve been able to keep at this for a WHOLE YEAR… and then some!  Let’s get ready for a new year! 

Almighty God, I give you this blog again as a commitment from my heart to yours. I started this blog as a chronicle of the mighty things you have been doing in my life, and I want to continue to use it in this manner.  But God! I never saw the love coming!  I have met some solid friendships here – Tam, and Darla, Praise365 and Tola…. and so much more people than I have ever interacted with without ever seeing them face to face ONE TIME.  But you know what? I want that to change!  So, God, I bless you for this piece of heaven right here online (on earth doesn’t seem appropriate!) and I ask that more people are blessed by this blog, more people are helped by interacting with YOU through me.  Let us band together again, Jesus, to see demons run from the name that is above every other name!  Let us link arms, Holy Spirit, so that as you release words of prophecy through me that those reading will be blessed.  And all of this – ALL. OF. IT.  I give back to the most wonderful FATHER I could ever hope for – my Eternal Everlasting FATHER GOD – JEHOVAH.



8 Responses

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! love love love YOU! God is so good! and that prayer is one HE will honor..soooo hold on tight…this is the great adventure! you so make me smile!!

  2. I’m holding on, princess! I’m watching to see where God & I go from here! HALLELUJAH! God is AWESOME….

  3. This is awesome!!!!!
    Happy 1 year!!!!!!
    So glad I met you!

  4. fantastic!!!

    Happy Birthday, H.O.G. Blog!!

    Many more years (and greater levels) of insight and revelation as you continue in the coolest thing on the planet, conversing and relating and walking with the Creator of the entire universe!!

    Outstanding, bud. Outstanding!

  5. hope everyone got that one…HOG Blog?? get it? rhymes…ok, never mind…;-)

  6. Well hello there Robert who lives in Barbados not too far from me down here in Bolivia, South America. You run with a great crew. I am subscribing to you. 🙂 Just today my husband and I were talking about blog stuff and I was saying that I don’t see many other black males blogging and if I see a decent one out there I am subscribing. Low and behold I find you the self same day. 🙂 Cool!

    If you don’t mind me asking… what nationality are you?

    Happy Belated Blogging Birthday!

    I look forward to getting to know you.

    Angie Washington
    (aka around the blogosphere: @ngie)

  7. ANGIE!!!!!

    Welcome, my sister – I’m looking forward to meeting you as well 🙂

    Darla and Tam are such sweethearts; anyone I meet because I know them will be an honour to know!

    Their blogrolls are so long, I haven’t visited everyone on them as yet, so I’ve gone to your blog for the first time today… but I’ll be back! We will have such FUN together! Read through the last year’s posts – and glorify God with me as I chronicle his handiwork in my life and the lives of those around me!

  8. And BTW, Jay…. U crazy…. (HOG blog?) What did I say – you ARE weird lol

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