Amazing Testimonies

Ok, I’ve not written here in a long time.

Sorry about that.

But God has been working!  I’ve had some time to refocus, and now I’m being sought out to pray for others again – here and abroad.  God is wonderful!  I’m not going to even try to give details here, but for those of you who have missed the blog – here are some testimonies of what God has been doing recently!

  • Had an MSN conversation with my friend Jennifer from South Africa.  While praying together, I started to pray a release of a fresh anointing over her life – which seemed to be exactly what she was praying for!  I then started to prophesy to her, and God the Father spoke into her spirit.  Then the Holy Spirit returned the favour – she prophesied to me, speaking about things that only the Lord knew I was asking him just the DAY BEFORE!
  • Prayed while at one of my chuch network’s gatherings and started prophesying to the church. I always love when the Lord reminds me of the Scripture where Jesus blew on his disciples and they received the Holy Spirit! That’s my queue to follow suit – so when I was praying for this lady at the assembly, I gently blew on her… and released the presence of the Spirit.  Wow! She started to be filled with His presence in a tangible way – she started to shake … all without me touching her once!  I then laid hands on her after a while, asking the Lord to continue to move within her.  I even encouraged her to speak in tongues, which she was able to do.  She told me later that the Lord had told her about receiving an impartation JUST BEFORE I started to speak to her and release the same thing upon her life!  
  • I was able to lead my friend through her deliverance session and had the honour of not only casting demons out – some were identified and left that I am sure she was surprised at – but also of releasing her into her destiny!  I was able to pray and prophesy into her life that the gifts and anointing that God has given her has not been lost, but with the deliverance she has now been released to walk in them again and with greater precision.  I love that part!
  • Discerned the name of another demon that seems to have been affecting a friend from St. Lucia around this time this year and last year, when Holloween is ‘celebrated’ in many countries.  We are planning to pray and seek God together to cast it out soon.  I’m still amazed what God can do through the Internet!
  • Had a wonderful prayer time with a friend who was going through some issues – after prayer and confronting known demonic interference, he said that he’s felt a difference.

So there’s a snapshot of the last couple weeks.  God’s been keeping me busy!  Pray for me! I want to see God continue to move in my life, but I have to definitely get more organized.


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