Reminiscing … Again

Just listened to an awesome song from my friend Darla’s blog.

The awesomeness of God being so HUGE but still finding time to hear when we hurt reminds me of a story.

Once upon a time, while in college, I was friends with this girl.  She and I were good friends, but then she got a scholarship and moved away from Barbados to England.  We kept in contact with a couple letters (yes hand written – emails had not become the staple of my existence yet!) and things were good.  Until…

One day, one of our mutual friends asked me quite out of the blue if I had heard from our friend in England.  I was about to say, “No, I hadn’t,” when I was struck with – what I was to learn later was – a word of knowledge.  I just knew that our friend was in trouble. I said, “I don’t like what I hear in my spirit,” and after a little bit, I told my friend, “I hear the word ‘rape’.”  This was ages ago, when I was now learning about the Spirit and realizing that he speaks specifically today – so I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I shared it, was troubled and eventually let it go.

Out of the blue my friend calls – from England – wanting to know how I knew that she had, in fact, been raped! I was about to be dumbfounded and shocked, I mean – I didn’t know! – but in a flash the Spirit of the Lord took over and I knew what to say. I said to her, “You hid it and did not tell anyone what had happened because you were ashamed and did not want anyone to know, but the LORD told me, so that you would know that you have friends and family in Barbados who will stand by you and support you through this time.”

I just started to remember this story while listening to this song.  I hope that someone reading this will recognize that God, although he IS great – is also small enough to hear you cry.  But not only that – but he cares enough to be with you through the hard times as well.


2 Responses

  1. I find it comforting that although HE Is Great and Mighty, Holy, and KING of kings, HE also is small enough to be where I am and hear my heart, even if there are no words, to remind us of the “jerichos” we already marched around, and the victories already won. HE truly is amazing that in all HIS greatness, HE loves me at my worst.

    THanks for the link luv! 😉 and for this amazing story, it really touched my heart. Love you brother, and as always you are in my prayers!

  2. 😀 ♥ You have ALL my love – not just the link luv :mrgreen:

    I’m getting better at the emoticons, too 😆

    Yeah, that story reminds me of God’s compassion, even in the midst of his power….

    HE leaves me awestruck. 😯 (yeah I had to put that in, coz I was wondering for so LONG how to do it….)

    Love you, my sister… and know that I will assist you in prayer as well…

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