Prophet or Psychic?

I just had a MSN conversation with a lady who I’ve helped in the past.  I haven’t spoken to her in over six months to a year, and then suddenly her MSN window pops up.  I was glad to see her, and I asked how her situation is now, as I remembered the case from a year before.  After she told me she was doing fine, she asks me, “What are you seeing for my future right now?”



I reply that I’m not a psychic… and I did offer to ask the Lord what he was saying to her and reply via email if He did respond – but to be quite honest I was trying to end the conversation politely.  I did ask if she was troubled or needing counsel for anything – and she said no, she was fine.  As I suspected, immediately after, she nicely ended the conversation with a “bye for now.”


As I was talking to one of my friends about it, she said:

maybe she needed to get a quick hit from Daddy on where she is and where she going
or maybe she doesn’t feel she can go to Daddy herself
or maybe she just doesn’t want to go to Daddy herself
and prefer for you to just tell her what to do
that is dangerous
cause those types of situations can lead you astray from what you really should be doing

As she said… people coming to any one and prefer that they tell them “what to do” are treading in dangerous ground.  I, for one, will not encourage people coming to me just because I’m prophetic just to absolve all responsibility on their part for hearing what God is saying to them.  Simply put: I’m a prophetic person, not a psychic…


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