I Dare you to MOVE!

One of my favourite websites is Godlimations. (For Godly animations! Isn’t that 😎 or what????) I love this website because the author is using one of his I’m sure myriad of gifts (Flash animation) to get the Word of God out.

As he says on his websites “About Godlimations” page:

Since my initiation to Christianity, I’ve wanted nothing more than to serve and participate
in the awesomeness of God. You may think “Christ endured a tortuous ending just so we
can make flash animations and convey His message to the masses!?” For one, Christ is
alive and never ending, and conveying the Word of God in any medium is completely
permissible AND beneficial. Godlimations represents my testimony to share worldwide.

There’s more there, but I don’t want to bore you.  For example of what I’m saying, click on the below link and watch this animation:http://www.godlimations.com/webfolder/dare.html 

And then go to the website and check out the rest of his stuff.  AWESOME….

I dare you to MOVE…. because if he’s moving out and extending the Kingdom of God through the ‘unconventional’ means of Flash animation – why don’t you?????

BTW – to see the animations you will need to download Adobe Flash Player plugins for your browser – or go here


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