Divine Encounters!

I’ve been spending a lot of time reproducing content from other people’s posts or websites – and it has sparked some great conversations (even off topic 😉 @ Annie and Love… ) 😆 but today I thought I’d bring something along the spirit of this blog – another testimony of the hand of God on my life!   This is the introduction text (somewhat modified) from my latest newsletter.

1 Chron 12:2 “… they were armed with bows and were able to shoot arrows or to sling stones right handed or left handed; they were kinsmen of Saul from the tribe of Benjamin…”

While being prayed for recently by a new friend, I was prophetically referred to as being ‘of the Tribe of Benjamin’; he prayed that I be able to ‘wield the sword with both hands, and throw the spear with either hand…’   I resonated with that prayer – as he prayed he had laid hands on my head and I could feel a course of the current of God’s tangible presence flow through me. I started speaking in tongues, and he did as well – as we enjoyed being wrapped in the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. 

This experience led me to seek the Scriptures to find the basis for his prophetic comment – hence the quote above.  The verse before it gives it context:

These were the men who came to David at Ziklag, while he was banished from the presence of Saul son of Kish (they were among the warriors who helped him in battle; 2 they were armed with bows and were able to shoot arrows or to sling stones right-handed or left-handed; they were kinsmen of Saul from the tribe of Benjamin)..  (1 Chron 12:1,2)

When I read it again, both of my palms got warm immediately (a tangible sign for me of the Lord’s anointing on my life.)  I resonated with it for a while, and then I decided to do some investigation. This quote shows me a couple things: 
  • The quote is in the context of war – the verse that resonates with me describes warriors who joined David in battle.
  • King Saul was a Benjamite
  • They could use either hand to wield a slingshot or to shoot arrows accurately.

I was asking the Lord what did the Scripture mean for me, and what did he want to tell me?  I felt that the fact that men from the tribe of Benjamin were described as warriors was significant – given my current line of Christian service.  I felt that the fact that they were also described as being able to wield their weapons of choice with either hand spoke to the dual aspects of my call – prophetic declaration and deliverance ministry.  I felt also that their weapons were significant as well – slingshots and bows launch long range attacks – and accuracy and skill of use were also emphasized.  

I believe God is speaking to me about my call with this prophetic declaration over my life.  My goal is to seek the Lord for greater accuracy in the delivery of my prophetic utterances and greater skill and accuracy in discerning and casting out the demonic – I just want more of Jesus! He will teach me all things!  

I pray also that the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord will meet each of you reading this with divine encounters of your own!  May he speak into your life to challenge, convict, counsel or console you in the name of Jesus! I release each one reading this into divine encounter – and may your lives never be the same again!

Come, share!  What divine encounters have you experienced lately????


4 Responses

  1. wow…this post encourages me to pursue God and His ways even harder. great post and thanks for stopping by my little blog corner of the blogosphere.

    peace and God bless,

    • Hey Iman Welcome to the Hand of God! I love your blog! And the church website had me, too… I’ll definitely be stopping by your blog corner!

      Thanks Tam for giving me the opportunity to meet Iman!

      Keep pressing in, my brother; there’s more of God to be had! Come back often – and keep commenting 😉

  2. It Texas we call them “God Spots” or as you refer to divine encounters. It is incredibly encouraging when God authenticates His presence.

    Referencing your post, how do you deal with the issue of a vacancy left in the soul of a person you have cast out a demon from? Possibly, leaving the door open for a “legion” to return to?

  3. Archie – I don’t leave spots for them… I immediately pray for the Spirit of God to fill them and leave them speaking in tongues if I can! Prophecy is linked to the ministry of deliverance for me – many times after ministering deliverance I will prophesy over the life of the person I’ve been with for the past couple hours!

    Actually, I also practically give them things that they can do… they need to actively seek God in consistent prayer, read the word, and most importantly, SCRUTINIZE every thought that enters. If it is not of God, get rid of it immediately! Basically, Satan’s gonna want to get back in fast, so you have to guard against that daily.

    If you want, I can email you the details of the strategy I use. Let me know!

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